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Case Study

Men Oh Please Pause
Parinaz Humranwala.
` Sep.

Doctor, I dont really know whether you should be treating me or my husband" - said the 47 year old lady as her husband disapprovingly looked on. This sentence which turned up in the midst of my case-taking, seemed striking and guided me towards the remedy. Her physical complaints were as follows -

  1. Calcaneal spur (right) since last two years.
  2. Irregular menses every 3-4 months, due to which she complained of having put on weight.
  3. Hot flushes - a feeling of sudden warmth from the trunk upwards with redness of face and profuse drenching sweats.
  4. Dyspareunia.

Her husband carried the conversation further. His wife would suddenly start crying loudly in the midst of daily chores. (Weeping aloud - SR - 1070). Alarmed he would rush to inquire about her problem - "Go away. You dont understand me" she says, pushing away his affectionate arms enveloped to give her emotional support. (Weeping causeless - SR 1074; Censorial, critical - SR - 126; Consolation aggravates - SR - 181).

As this happened to be a common situation, he later decided to leave her alone which the wife felt was purposeful to make her feel embarrassed in front of the children (Antagonism with herself SR 53; Embarrassed ailments from SR 17).

"Leave some tears for the day I die", her husband (a probable Lycopodium) would say out of sheer disgust. the wife never really understood why she cried but for her it was an outlet to her feelings (Weeping causeless - SR - 1074). She often refuses to carry on her daily routine pleading she was very sick. (Delusion being sick and for this reason will not work - SR-348).

"Why dont you explain to my husband that I am going through a difficult phase (doctors term it as menopause) and I need to be understood. He must pause and think about my feelings instead of considering his needs which I have fulfilled all these years". Here was a Sepia case asking her "MAN-Oh-PLEASE-PAUSE."

Sepia to my experience needs space to herself like a cuttlefish who prefers to be solitary than in groups. Besides it needs space to spread its arms. The cuttlefish catches its prey with rapidity with the help of its two tentacles. Sepia lady often targets those near to her especially being critical to her family members.

Within three months of treatment, the ladys spell of causeless weeping stopped. All physical complaints improved and her menstruation gradually ceased. Sepia 200and later 1M  potency have been used in sparing doses during her treatment. Today Mr. Lycopodium and Mrs. Sepia are better partners in life and give you the feeling of being made for each other.

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Let any physician listen attentively and sympathetically to the health histories of a few scores of ladies in their sufferings at the change of life and carefully note all their historic points and he will find, that the troubles at the change of life are not the same but far anterior to it; the ills and ailing incident to the change of life date from often far back in their lives or in the lives of their parents and are, as it were, the stems, branches leaves, flowers and fruits of the long gone before. (Burnett - Best Of Burnett Page 89).