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Case Study

On Prescribing
Meena Mankani.

Which is the best remedy for menopause? Is it Lachesis, Sepia or Pulsatilla? This is a common question arising in the minds of young homoeopaths. The answer to this is in Dr. Samuel hahnemanns Organon, aphorism No 18:

" -- that besides the totality of the symptoms nothing can by any means, be discovered in diseases where with they could express their need of aid. It follows undeniably that the sum total of all the symptoms in each individual case of disease must be the sole indication, the sole guide to direct us in the choice of a remedy."

So it is only the individual totality in any given case of disease that is essentially required to prescribe effectively and curatively. The prescription must be directed for the diseases patient and not the disease of the patient.

The correct application of our sound principles of practice will give the best possible results in every given case no matter what the name of the diseases.

The term menopause in itself does not indicate any disease but is rather a natural and normal phenomenon which occurs in the life of every normal, healthy woman and is marked by a natural cessation of menstruation. It is only the concomitant abnormal sensations and complaints and their intensity that a particular woman projects during that period, depending on her own individual susceptibility, which forms a picture of disease that needs to be cured wherever required.

Menopausal syndrome relates to estrogen deficiency. The degree and intensity varies from patient to patient and we recommend that all take to homoeopathy even if the suffering is minimal.

To cite an example - a lady aged 49 came for treatment osteoporosis which she had been suffering since last 3 years after menopause. She was a divorcee and a mother of two. She had undergone a lot of adversities and rough times in her life. The essential individual totality of her case composed of the following -

  1. Short and stout
  2. Very hairy all over
  3. Selfishness
  4. Jealousy
  5. Rudeness
  6. H/O severe dysmenorrhoea ameliorated by drawing the legs to the abdomen.
  7. Craving for hot food and drinks
  8. Menses - dark, offensive and leave indelible stains
  9. Sleeps on abdomen.

The choice was a clear Medorrhinum which helped her immensely. Nowhere in any source book or in any repertory did I find Medorrhinum for Climacteric period aggravates, or Ailments from climaxis. Yet, we could succeed in relieving her. Medorrhinum helped as it was selected on the basis of the totality of symptoms.

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