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Case Study

Two Cases of Menopause 
Balakrishnan E.
Puls / Med / Calc-p / Tril / Con.


49 year old lady came with complaints of irregular menses since past two years, protracted with heavy flooding.

She also complained of severe rheumatic pains in the lower extremities. There was a low back pain and rheumatic pain from the hip downwards causing sleepless nights. The leg pain was worse in the morning and on initial motion. While narrating her symptoms she started sobbing.

Life Situation:

Her father died at the age of 72, two years ago. He was a diabetic and had diabetic gangrene of the leg which had to be amputated. The patient has two children a daughter aged 31 and a son 22 years old.

Craving - Spicy food
Aversion - milk
Thermal - likes moderate climate.

Menstrual History:

May - 1/5/93 to 29/5/93 - 29 days
June - No menses in June.
July - 8/7/93 to 28/7/93. Heavy flow
Aug - No menses in August.
Sept - 5/9/93 to 19/9/93. Heavy flow.


  1. KR 94 - Weeps while narrating complaints - Medo (2), Puls (3)
  2. KR 725 - Menses copious - Medo (2), Puls (3)
  3. KR 729 - Metrorrhagia - Medo (2), Puls (3)
  4. KR 1045 - Extremities rheumatic pains - Medo (3), Puls (3).
  5. KR 1045 - Rheumatic pains of limbs worse initial motion - Medo (2), Puls (3).

Treatment given:

14/9/93 - Puls 1M six doses. Two doses daily for three days. Trillium-pendulum MT 15 drops in water, thrice a day.

17/9/93 - The heavy flow was controlled. There was a remarkable improvement. Pulsatilla 1M four doses. One dose daily for four days along with Trillium-pendulum MT was continued.

22/9/93 - The bleeding had stopped on the 19th Sept. completely. Considering the totality of symptoms she was given Medorrhinum 10M single dose. She was also prescribed Calcarea-phos 6X tabs. 5 tablets thrice a day and Becosules Caps after lunch regularly.

The general health was at its lowest ebb and hence the above prescription to improve the condition. She was asked to report after ten days.

2/10/93 - She came with no complaints. Pulsatilla 10M two doses for two days.

In October 1993 she had her periods which lasted from 25/10/93 to 28/10/93. The quantity of flow was normal. The periods subsequently were regular upto February 1994. Then menses stopped. She was also cured of the rheumatic complaints.


A 41 year old divorced lady, working as a senior executive came with complaints of irregular periods. since 1990 her menses were irregular and always late. The flow would continue for 10-12 days and was more on certain occasions. Complete bed rest was advised as there was excessive flooding.

She also complained of severe vertigo worse on lying down, turning the head sideways and on motion.

Life Space: She had a college going daughter aged 16. Her husband was an engineer whom she had divorced four years ago.


A D & C had been performed on the 15th Oct. 1993 and the summary report read as follows -

"There is no evidence of TB or malignancy in the section studied. Early proliferative phase."

Two courses of hormonal treatment were given complaints. Subsequently she was advised Hysterectomy, for which she was not ready. So, she opted for homoeopathic treatment.

Modalities of the case:

  1. Likes winter and cool atmosphere
  2. Aversion - Milk
  3. Aversion - company
  4. Vertigo worse on lying down.


  1. KR 272 - Menses late - Con (3), Puls (3)
  2. KR 725 - Menses copious Con (2), Puls (2)
  3. KR 51 - Ailments from grief - Con (1), Puls (2)
  4. KR 101 - Vertigo worse lying while - Con (3), Puls (2)
  5. KR 101 - Vertigo worse motion - Con (2), Puls (2)
  6. KR 711 - Complaints from suppressed sexual passion - Con (3), Puls (3)
  7. KR 12 - Worse company - Con (1), Puls (2)
  8. KR 481 - Aversion milk - Con (1), Puls (2)

Treatment given:

22/3/93 - Conium 1M three doses, 12 hourly.
26/3/93 - The vertigo abated and menstrual bleed reduced.
Calc-phos 6X 5 tablets thrice a day was prescribed.
29/3/93 - Pulsatilla 10M two doses (Note - weightage was given to the mental factors and also the point that her periods were always delayed.)
4/4/94- Menstrual bleeding completely stopped by 30th April 94. the menses were regular and there was no flooding. She had no attack of vertigo. Hysterectomy was thus averted.

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