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Case Study

Menopausal Metro Menorrhagia.
Wadia S R.
` Sulph / Thyroid.


Mrs. RFS, 50 years of age came with the following complaints -

  1. Menopausal flushes alternating with profuse perspiration. Occasional fainting fits and choking sensation in the chest. The menstrual flow was continuous and heavy with an occasional break for the last two months. She had a history of 3 FTND.
  2. Stool - normal. Urine - must pass 4-5 times in the night.
  3. Hot patient
  4. P/H of Urinary tract infection, reaction to penicillin injection. She was sensitive to vaccination especially sera vaccines.
  5. Dreams - falling. Starts in sleep.
  6. Dough if suppressed causes urticaria
  7. Family History - Father died of pneumonia. Mother and paternal grandmother of cancer.
  8. Rheumatic tendency with pain in the knees and arch of feet.
  9. Sensitive and emotional temperament.


6/7/74 - Sulphur 30 (3)
13/7/74 - Bleeding stopped. Dreams continued. Bad effects of vaccinations. Hence Thuja 200 (3) 
12/8/74 - Felt better. Slept better. Menses profuse for 15-20 days. Flushes continued. Sulphur 200 (3).
12/9/74 - Menses same. Profuse once every 15-20 days. Sulphur 1M (2).
SOS if the menstrual flow was heavy then to take Sabina 30.
12/12/74 - Menses clotted and heavy bleeding. It decreased after taking Sabina.
Thyroidinum 200 (3) was prescribed taking a reference from Dr. S.K. Ghosh in his book Rare Nosodes page 15.
19/1/75 - Result was good. She had her menses 3 weeks ago. The flow was moderate to profuse. Thyroidinum 1M (3).
15/3/75 - Menses after 15 days. Flow +
Sabina 30 helps the occasional flow.
10/5/75 - Now the patient feels better in few respects. However menses every 12 to 15 days, flow + but better than before. Thyroidinum 10M (3)
16/6/75 - Now menses regular with moderate flow. All other symptoms are better. By the end of the year the patient stopped menstruating and had no complaints.


MrS. B, aged 45, came with complaints of heavy bleeding since last 6 months. She had been seen by a gynaecologist who diagnosed the cause due to multiple small fibroids in the uterus. She was advised hysterectomy.

She also had extensive itching all over the body which was time and again suppressed with ointments.

Thermal modality - Hot patient.
Stools - 1-2 daily. Burning after stools.
Urine - burning while urinating.
No other symptoms or family history was available.
10/3/64 - On this auspicious day (the birthday of our founder) the patient felt better. Bleeding was reduced. The itching of skin was also less.
24/4/64 - Again heavy flow. Menopausal flushes with itching of skin.
Sulphur 1M (3)

In June 64 - Sulphur 10M one dose was given.
Within a year, menses stopped; occasional flushes continued. Itching better. She used to meet me socially and was better. She has not gone again to a Gynaecologist. Probably the fibroids too disappeared. From my long experience I have found that in such cases of elderly ladies, after the indicated remedy, fibroids atrophy or disappear or remain inactive.

Debility at Menopause:

Women at menopause frequently complain of a burning pressure on the vertex. This usually is a symptom of debility from loss of blood. Give such patients three tablets of China before each meal. (Dr. Elli G Jones).