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Case Study

Cases of Prolapse
Dr Kasim Chimtanwala

Case 1: Rectal Prolapse
A tall lean man of 64 was brought to our hospital on 23-07-98 about 8 pm in a critical condition for frequent loose stools and extreme prostration. He was looking restless and anxious.

H/o eating in a hotel a day back. Stools watery, offensive and profuse every hour. Thirst normal. Had not taken anything by mouth since morning. Urine twice since 6 am scanty.

O/E Emaciation ++, eyes sunken, lips dry,
Conscious but not well oriented,
P. 78/min poor V&T, BP 76/50 mm
Pallor +, Oedema feet +,
No Clubbing/ Icterus/Cyanosis
Mouth red, aphthae +
S/S dehydration +
Prolapsed rectum 2" - reducible, non-tender, no ulcer.



Ars-alb 200 fractional doses
IV fluids 3 O


Pt >>, slept 4 hrsA febrile, P-88/min, BP 100/742 loose stools by 2 am; Rectal prolapse 1"

SL fract doses
IV contd

8 pm

Relapse 4 watery stools
Prolapse ++, mouth sensitive
P-88, BP 80/60

Ars-alb 0/6 hrly
IV DS contd
Glycerine locally

11.45 pm

G.C fair stool contd.P-88, BP 90/70

Ars-alb 0/12
30 min interval
IV contd.

6 am 

Pt slept for 3 hrs only
Profuse loose stools invol at 5 am
Prolapse ++, Apthae ++

Ars-alb 0/12
Every 30 min

10 am

No stool. Pt better


10 am

Pt better, slept till 5 am
2 soft stools, No prolapse
mouth >, Afebrile.

SL x 3 D

His wife reported that he suffered from such attacks for the past 4-5 yrs. His appetite is also poor. Stools watery offensive < after eating any food. She added that soon after the marriage of my last son, about 5 yrs or so, we both were mercilessly driven away from our own house, by our sons and their wives.

Since then we are going through a very hard and stressful life. He worked in various capacities to earn a living. Now he is so exhausted that he is unable to perform even his daily routine. Wt reduced by 8 Kg within 4 yrs.

By nature he was social, active and a perfectionist and liked company, but gradually he has become reserved, silent and taciturn. He has never expressed remorse or wept on the behaviour of his sons. Nowadays, he loses confidence fast and gets easily confused.

Drugs considered were Phosphorus, Nitric-acid and Muriatic-acid.


On the basis of the mental pictureA/F Silent grief, Weakness ++Rec off loose motions + Prolapse rectumEven while urinating or with easy stoolsAt times involuntary 

Acid-mur 1M1 dose stat
SL BDPC x 10 D


Pt feeling much better in all respects Afebrile, P 80/min, BP 112/70 mm

SL contd.


Pt reports healthy. Stools 2/d, normalRectal Prolapse +


Case 2 : Prolapsed Piles With Worms
An emaciated child of about 7 was brought by a Homoeopathic colleague with the k/c/o recurrent worm complaints with constipation since long . He was given CC, TMV, Cina, Nux-vom and Sulph in various potencies over 2 yrs but the complaints continued.

About a month back his mother suddenly noticed a pea-sized swelling at the anus, which appeared after passing stools and reduced 3-4 hrs after defecation. With passage of time it developed into an irreducible painful bunch of grapes. Burning anus after stools; occasionally slight oozing of dark offensive watery blood. The boy screamed while passing stools; hence avoided going for days.

Past History: Had some itching eruptions both legs during childhood > ointments. ? Measles at 3 yrs age, Vaccinated regularly.

Graphites 200, Aloes 200/1M and Hamamelis 200 given in repeated doses within 4 mths but no substantial relief. Ratanhia 1M was given for burning pains after stool with bleeding but with very short relief.



Sulphur 0/62 hrs interval Sitz bath

2 days after

Not much relief, burning after stoolProlapsed sensitive piles + bleeding

Acid-mur 200
Fract doses

Next day

Complaints >>
Stool soft, Piles + No worms

SL 2 hrly

6 days after

Pt much betterStool >, Bleeding >>Piles shrunken, less painful


25 days after

2 boils near anus painful on touchStool normal, No piles

SL TDS x 10

12 days after

No major complaints, Boils +

Sulph 1Mx1D

15 days after

Boils >> Sleep disturbed,
Itching anus ++ Stool soft 1-2/d, worms + -,

SL BDx1 mth

1 mth after

No major problem, Piles absent

Sulph 1M 1D