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Case Study

The Acidic Action
Dr Adil Chimthanwala
'Mur-ac / Fl-ac

Case 1: Septicaemia It was on 3rd of August '99, that a middle aged man k/c/o of Diabetes Mellitus was brought to our hospital in a very critical condition with fever and a 16-day offensive oozing carbuncle on nape of his neck.

Initially, he took ayurvedic medicine, then antibiotics but the fever continued and he continued to deteriorate with the carbuncle also continuing to spread. He gave the history of having stopped Antidiabetics for the past 1 month and was instead taking some churna.

Last PBS on 28-6-99 was 358 mg%
On admission he was so extremely prostrated & remained so still as if dead. He was feeling chilly but could not ever cover himself. His tongue was coated and breath was offensive.
He was taking small sips of water every 1-2 hrs.


GC not satisfactory,
Conscious, answered slowly, constant moaning
Febrile, 100.6F, Pulse - 110, fast & feeble, BP 60 syst,
Palms and feet cold, perspiration - nil, eyes sunken,
Pallor +, oedema feet +
No icterus or clubbing,
Signs of dehydration ++

Local Examination
Ulcer mid nape neck - 2"x3" offensive, bloody oozing + necrotic base.

Urine Sugar + BS (random) 206 mg (by Dextometer)



Fever with oozing ulcer

Ars-alb 3 0 /6 hrly
IV DS 30 fast.
Calen dressing
TPR & I/O chart

2 hrs later

No much change
Fever 101.50F

Baptista 1M 1D
IV fluids contd.

3 hrs after

No much change http://njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif down hill
Becoming restless even when could not move. Acids were thought of Acid-phos orAcid-mur.

Mur-acid 1M fract 30 min
IV fluids 20 fast

2 hrs after

Pt looking better. Febrile
Loud moaning +. 1 loose stool
Ulcer often oozing++

Mur-acid 1M fract hrly
IV continued

Next day

Much better

Reduce frequency

On the following basis-

  1. Extreme Prostration (Physical followed by mental)
  2. Septic fever.
  3. Offensive discharges.
  4. Involuntary offensive loose stool.
  5. Restlessness ++.

Case 2: Case Of Manic Depression (Bipolar disorder)
A 28 yrs old male, a chief executive officer in a sales department, came for treatment with his wife. She wept inconsolably and lamented "Ours was a love marriage, everything went fine for a year. Then one day I discovered, he has some affair outside, which people said he had recently developed. He remains away from home as well as office for days together. A man who was jovial, carefree and talkative, nowadays remains dull and silent. He has developed strong hatred towards me and even avoids our son. Even his sexual urge has reduced. Doctor, please help me'. Her husband did not even utter a word nor reacted to whatever she reported.

Having no presenting distressing complaints, he was sent away with SL and was posted for detail case recording.
On the appointed date, he came along but was a changed man. He reported, 'feeling of depression has come over me; I have no interest in doing anything even I do not like going to my office. I am not getting proper sleep and body has become lethargic. Always feel disheartened and wish to leave this house and stay somewhere else. I feel no interest in my wife and children. Their presence irritates me. Appetite, stool and urine - NAD. Sleep - average.

O/E - Moderate built, eyes sunken, lips dry, Conscious and oriented,
P 80/min good V&T, BP 130/90 mm
A small round ulcer on Glans, little discharge, offensive
Occ pains at night
He confided (on condition) that it was present even before his marriage > ointment. H/o multiple sexual contacts.

Following rubrics considered for the drug selection-
Aversion Members of family - K9
Home desire to leave - K51
Escape attempts to from her family, children - K39
Indifference to loved ones - K55
Indifference to business affairs - K54
Genital Male, sexual passion, violent - K711

Sepia, Lyco, Flouric-acid, came out as 3 important remedies.



Fl-acid 200
SL BDx15

25 days after

Wife reported same condition
Has not gone to office. Rest OK


15 days after

Pt came with his friend,
Better in all respects, Ulcer - discharge ++

SL BD x 15

Thereafter 2-3 doses of Fluoric-acid 1M were required over 8 months. The ulcer subsided thereafter. Patient is now enjoying a normal family life for the past year or so.