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Case Study

Quick Short Cases
Dr Satish Kanojia
'Colo / Oleander / Canth / Kali-bi / Puls / Nux-vom / Aco / Bell / Nat-m / Phos

Case 1:
Mr MP, 20 yr, came on 22.07.2003.
He walked in bent double, pressing his abdomen with both hands. He complained of pain in abdomen with diarrhoea & vomiting. Colocynth 200 was given stat. 15 minutes later the pain subsided. He was asked to take one medicated powder in the evening and next morning and report next day. Next day he rang me to inform he was feeling better no or further diarrhoea and vomiting.

Case 2
Mr S S, 25 yrs, visited on 23.07.2003 for Diarrhoea. The stool consisted of undigested food particles. Oleander 30 settled him.

Case 3:

Mrs AM, 47 yr, obese complained of burning micturition. The frequency increased since one day. Cantharis 200 was given to her with immediate relief.

Case 4:

Mr S 28 yrs complained of epigastric pain & heaviness in the chest. The other day he drank beer. Incidentally he informed me of a thick green discharge from right eye which could be formed in long thread.
 200 was given. After 2 days he reported that the day after taking the medicines, he passed 3-4 loose stools but felt better. The discharge from the eye also vanished.

Case 5:

Mrs M, 25 yrs complained of vomiting since night after eating oily ‘Pulao’. Pulsatilla200 settled her.

Case 6:

Mr S, 25 yrs. presented with vomiting since night. He had 5-6 bouts of vomiting. Last night being Sunday he had taken some Alcoholic Drinks. Nux-vom 200 was given with immediate relief.

Case 7:
Miss J F, 13 yrs, Student complained of pain in throat. She was afraid of some glands in the throat. She tormented her family members by inspecting everyone ‘s throat to feel the glands. She had a very anxious look one her face. Aconite 200 was given. That night she slept very well. Next evening she came with 90% relief. Sac-lac relieved her totally.

Case 8:
Baby M, 11 months, was brought by her mother for fever. Her body was cold except her head which was very hot. Belladona 200 3 hourly relieved her promptly.

Case 9:

Mr J, 18 yrs. came on 26.07.2003, for fever since 7 to 8 days. Morning and evening, urine yellow in colour, patient liked salted rice.
 200 was given and he was called next day morning. Next day he did not get fever last evening and today morning. SL was given for 3 days. Patient rang me after 3 days to tell there was no more fever.

Case 10:

Mrs U, 35 yrs. complained of vomiting since 2 days. 2 days back she had undergone Dilatation & Curettage for which she was given anesthesia. Phosphorus200 relieved her after one dose.