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Case Study

 Dramatic Cases

Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy

Editor: you will recollect that we use this section for cases which responded fast and best, and with results, we are happy with. This is one such case of Renal Calculus. We have all treated hundreds of Renal Calculi. So what is so special about this? This had a calculus at the renal calyx, which is more difficult to treat. The ureteric calculi are simpler to treat. Here we are able to demonstrate the result and the remedy from the follow-up interview and the USG.

Mr N S came to me on 16/1/03. He is a Muslim aged 33 y, a mechanical engineer, now into a trading business. He had come for the treatment of renal stones, pain in Rt lumbar region with increased frequency of urine with vomiting; pain > after vomiting. < 2-4 pm < 6-7 pm. First attack was with very severe pain, when he had to be admitted in Hospital for 3 days in Oct 02; here it was diagnosed for the first time, through USG which showed 4 stones in Rt kidney: - 1 of 7mm, rest 3 of 2mm each. He was given hydration therapy. He was taking other allopathic medicines like T. Obimet, T.Vertin T.Rantac and was also on salt restricted Diet.

He is also a diabetic since Aug 2002 and is on Tab Globumet and T. Omez.
Other C/O itching in the Rt ear since 3 wks, diagnosed as fungus infection by an ENT surgeon. Cold and cough occurring once in 6 wks lasting for 1 wk < cold draft and associated with nose block.

Physical appearance
: Wt: 90.8. (gained 6 kgs in 1 ½ yr). Ht: 5’ 7"
Pt had 2 black ½" spots on the forehead due to Namaz, showing his sincerity towards God.
Bites nail. Perspiration: scanty3. Appetite N.
Thirst 3-4 liters water in a day.
Cravings: Meat3, Sweets3, Salty things2.
Stool N. Urine N
Sleep N. Dreams++ but unremembered.
Thermals: likes winter .Wants fan always; likes AC > in open air. Covers himself in sleep. Takes bath with hot water in all seasons. CH4.

Life situation and Mental State
11/9/69 Born. Youngest of 3 brothers with 1 younger sister.
1984-90 Coimbatore -Diploma in engineering.
1990: Mumbai. Stayed with maternal uncle and took up a job. Later started his own business: selling embroidery machines from Germany to India. Also looks after Tours and Travels. No worries in Business, which is smooth.
Mar 1997 Father died. So brought Mo to Mumbai.
Nov 97: Arranged marriage. Shifted to Mira Road. Later bought a house in Kalina.
Elder brother is in Coimbatore. 2nd brother is in Gulf.
He is a self made person. Business minded. Anxious about future. Fastidious and aggressive but when angry keeps quiet. Broods about future. Revengeful. Likes to be alone. < contradiction. Aversion to talk. Just answers to the point. Quiet, silent type, quite introverted.

: FBS of 24/10/02 88.1
25/10/02 3-4 calculi in lower pole of the Rt Kidney.
Symptoms Which Indicated Sycotic Miasm
Gross in looks, Obese, Dark, Renal calculi, Nail biting. Cr sweets, meat, salt.
Very Religious; his mode of Namaz has given him 2 symmetrical black spots on the frontal eminences. Fastidious

Remedy selected
Thuja 200

Follow - Up:


Symptom Changes




Thuja 200 1dose
Mag-ph 6x for pain / SOS


No renal pain. Cold since 2-3 wks<am. Dry cough >.only in night. No expectoration.
BSF 126 BSPP 200

Thuja 200 2nd dose.


> 3

Sac Lac


Itching in the ear >,Anger < mistakes, even trivial, by wife.

Thuja 200 3rd dose


> 3

Thuja 200 4th dose


> 3

Thuja 200 5th dose


> 3

Thuja 200 6th dose


Pain +

Thuja 200 7th dose


Pain not >

Thuja 1M 1st dose


No pain

Thuja 1M 2nd dose



Thuja 1M 3rd dose


> 3

Thuja 1M 4th dose



Thuja 1M 5th dose



Thuja 1M 6th dose


Thuja 1M 7th dose


Cold with white discharge.
Pain in renal area.

1) Ars-alb 200 3P, 1P=3
2) Thuja 1M 8th Dose


Cold + yellow disch. Not better with Ars-alb

1) Pul 200 4P, 1P=4
2) Thuja 1M 10 th dose


Slight cough. X-Ray showed NO calculus - neither in the ureter nor in lower pole of the Kidney.

No Further treatment.

The last follow up was interesting. We have a system of noting down symptoms as 1, 2, 3, etc. So assistant had taken the Full Follow up in this format. Then she got busy with follow up of another patient. Later when I took the patient in, they just sat there quietly - both husband and wife, till went through full case follow up. Then he extended the USG to me, again with no word, expressionlessly. He had not deemed it fit to show the film to the assistant, so she had made no mention of it in the FU!! I put the film up in the viewer and only then did I realize the import of the cure! No Stone! (This too confirms the remedy Thuj)

So, I too, showed none of my inner excitement. Told him, okay my work is done. Now yours begins. I will now stop medication, because as long as I am giving you medicine, the onus of your health will be on me, and you will not make any effort. Now you only can help yourself not get a recurrence. You have to drink 2 litres daily and walk 1 hr daily to keep your blood sugar under control. This should now become life long habits, to stay fit and control both your diseases and hold them at bay. If you relax, they will make a come back.
Here Thuja was repeated weekly or fortnightly, due to position of the calculi. Also patient took 2 months to do the repeat USG.