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Case Study

Mild Dose - Vital Effect
Dr S K Mamgain
Bell / Nat-m / Sil / Sil / Sil

This album has been prepared to show the vital effect of mild Homoeopathic doses.

1. Odontalgia
Name Of Patient : Smt Chaman Devi, Age: 50 yrs
Complaint : Acute Odontalgia
Date Of First Consultation : 23-10-91
Brief History : Acute hard swelling on the gum of right upper canine infection on the verge of suppuration, with consequent swelling of cheek, for about ten days. Severe pain. Heat.
Treatment : Bell 200 at longer intervals with placebo on 29-1-91
Results : Swelling and pain subsidised completely within 48 hours.
NB No antibiotics and painkillers were used. 

2. Urticaria
Name Of The Patient : Ashish Bhowmik, Age: 6 yrs
Disease : Urticaria
Date Of First Consultation : 10-7-90
Date Of Last Medicine Given : 19-7-90
Brief History : Severe urticarious eruptions all over the body for about a week. Antiallergic treatment did no good.
Treatment : Urtica-urens 200 and then Natrum-mur 30 
Result : Cured. 

3. Cracks In Skin
Name Of The Patient : Smt Renu Chawla, Age: 31 yrs
Disease : Cracks on the sole of big toe
Date Of First Consultation : 3-6-89
Date Of Last Medicine Given : 6-7-89
Brief History: Tendency of deep crack forming on the sole and side of toes. Always aggravated during summer season. Flatulent distension in the evening. Painless bleeding piles.
Amenorrhea for the past 6 yrs.
Treatment : Silicea 200 1M, one dose of Tub 10M
Result : Tendency of cracks cured and never recurred in 7 yrs
Amenorrhea as usual. 

4. Rheumatoid Arthritis With Eczema
Name Of The Patient : Smt Shanta Devi Age: 65 yrs
Disease : Ch Rheumatoid Arthritis with eczema on soles and palms.
Date Of First Consultation : 15-1-90
Date Of Last Medicine Given : 13-5-90 [eczema]
Brief History : Eczema on palms and soles for about one and half yrs which came up after medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Much burning pain and itching, causing her great suffering. Walking very agonising. Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 35 yrs.
Constitution : obese.
Treatment : Graphites 200, Arsenic alb 30, Silicea 200, Ranunculus-bulb 30 single doses at different times.
Result : Eczema got well within a month, not to return during past 6 yrs. Only some itching persisted for quite some time.
Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis continued on and off till 27-9-94. She responded well to the treatment. As she is old, I can't claim her cured but she is feeling well. 

5. Tinea Pedis
Name Of The Patient : Smt Rajlaxami Panuli Age: 45 yrs
Disease : Excoriation between toes [Tinea pedis]
Date Of First Consultation : 11-9-90
Date Of Last Medicine Given : 25-11-90
Brief History : The skin between toes deeply excoriated. Itching between the toes.
Treatment Given : Silicea 30 and then Silicea 200
Result : Cured, with no recurrence even after 5 yrs.

EDITOR: The author has send dozens of cases with striking results and photographs before and after. So we have published 5 of such cases as a sampler. 

Dr Mamgain, we accept your results. But unless we understand your reasoning and thought process we cannot learn from you. And NJH is basically a learning medium. So we request you to give the repertorial rubrics and Materia Medica references for your selection of remedy and exact follow-up of the cases in detail about repetition of remedies & dosage and then only we can print the remaining cases.