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Case Study

Cases from our Heritage
Dr A K Dasmahapatra
' Psor

One village boy of 11 yrs came to me with his parents for his convulsive attacks on 22-10-93. He was having attacks of fits for last 3 yrs. He had several fits during earliest period of suffering. Currently, with Gardinal the attacks are reduced to once in 3 days. All attacks are at night during sleep. The boy suddenly cried out with fear, immediately followed by tonic and clonic convulsion without consciousness, followed by involuntary passing of urine and stool.
This dramatic episode goes on for 10 to 15 minutes, followed by deep sleep for 8-10 hrs and he experiences profound weakness for 1-2 days thereafter.
Diagnosis : Idiopathic Grand Mal Epilepsy by EEG. 

Generalities : Hot patient: did not tolerate any covering even in winter; likes cold bath every day. Cannot fast, voracious appetite, with desire for pepper, salt, sweet, hot food. Irritable temperament. Dreams of swimming, fighting, eating, of ghosts etc. 

Past History : At the age of 3 yrs the child gradually developed susceptibility to cold and becomes extremely chilly. He needed coverings even in the summer and regularly contracted tonsillitis.
Generalised vesiculo pustular eruptions developed every winter with purulent and offensive discharge, so massive that it was not possible for him to wear his clothes.
It was treated by allopathy with oral and topical medicines without much relief. Same skin trouble recurred for four subsequent winters. Three times he was treated allopathically but recurrence had been checked lastly by using Kabiraji Medicines externally and internally, with no disappearance of skin troubles but the thermal relationship was completely changed from excessively hot.
In the summer of 1988, when he was about 6 ½ yrs old, he suddenly developed high rise of temperature with convulsion and neck rigidity, vomiting and unconsciousness. It was diagnosed as Meningo-coccal, meningitis, treated by allopathic medicines and he recovered.
Two yrs later, from August 1990, the episodes of convulsive attacks started. 

Family History
Father alive with chronic eczema in Lt foot
Mother alive with Menorrhagic problem.
One sister suffered from chronic cough for 8 yrs 

Earlier Homoeopathic Treatment
The medicines given by other Homoeopaths were a] Lachesis 200 to 10m b] Opium 200 - 10M c] Zincum-met 30-10M d] Oenanthe 6, 30 e] Absinthium 6, 30 f] Artemesia-vulgaris 6, 30 

I considered the repeated occurrence [4 times] of skin troubles with same particular and general characteristics and its suppression as the cause of the epileptic attacks.
Skin is the outermost part of our body which acts as the ventilator. It is ectodermal in origin. The endogenous toxic chemicals when deposited in excess in and under the skin due to multiple processes like anhydrosis, blocking of the pores of the sweat glands by various cosmetic chemicals, dust of air, talcum powder, structural or functional renal insufficiency, not taking regular bath, personal mal hygiene etc a good chemical media is developed for the multiplication of different Pathogens from outside leading to various skin diseases.
Any skin lesion by the disease process is a blessing, not a curse. Here the intention of the body is to fight and kill the Pathogens and toxic chemicals. External applications stop the discharges and toxic chemicals now travel internally and affect the other more vital structures through suppression. Thus the disease becomes more inveterate and very difficult to cure. 

From the Anamnetic point of view I selected here the medicine Psorinum on the basis of following characteristics:
Repeated skin affections
Too chilly, needed coverings even in summer
Susceptibility to cold
Chronic tonsillitis
Skin troubles at four subsequent winters
Discharge from the skin eruptions was very offensive. 

On 22-10-93 Psorinum 1M one drop with 1-oz Aqua dist. And advised to take BD according to the new method of application for 15 days. [the doctor has not explained this method] Gardinal tab was continued as before, one tab daily.
Psorinum is a nosode which should not be repeated as much. But I required repeated hammering to the Vis Medica Mentorum of the patient to make him susceptible and to reveal the hidden state of Psorinum. I also needed to bring back the previously chilly state of Psorinum which was the natural state, followed by hot state like Lachesis or Opium created by the crude medicine given.

7-11-93: Patient came back with itching eruptions at the groin and scrotum. No change in the attacks of fit, or in the general aspects.
I repeated Psorinum 1M one drop with 1-oz Aqua dist to be taken BD according to the new method of application for 15 days.
15-11-93: In 8 days the patient came with generalised vesiculo pustular skin eruptions with severe itching and offensive odour from body and mouth. There was low grade temperature with chilliness and no convulsions for last 6 days. Inspite of severe skin trouble he looked cheerful.
Taking note of the amelioration of the disease condition, I prescribed placebo for 10 days, and reduced Gardinal to ½ tab daily.
On 27-11-93 patient came back with maximum vesicular and minimum pustular skin eruption with severe itching and chilliness [severe itching indicates excess of toxic chemicals in the skin] Convulsions twice.
Again I prescribed Psorinum 1M as before for 15 days with Gardinal ½ tab daily.
On 14-12-93 patient came with maximum number of pustular and minimum number of vesicular eruptions with itching very much reduced.
The discharge was very thick, bloody and very offensive, with marked chilliness. No convulsion in last 20 days.
I prescribed Psorinum 10M 2 doses in sugar of milk OD and omitted Gardinal. Asked to report back after 25 days.
The patient came back accordingly with 90% disappearance of skin troubles. All of the remaining skin lesions were Pustular without any itching indicating complete resolution. No convulsion further with persistence of chilliness.
Gradually by repetition and by increasing potency of Psorinum upto CM in the next 8 months he has been totally free of hot and cold attacks.

Inference: Anamnetic analysis taking into account past illnesses and hereditary traits is the only way to get the similimum for chronic Miasmatic cases.
This method of study of the chronic cases has shown results in many cases of chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, Rheumatoid arthritis. Allergic Rhinitis, Leucoderma etc.