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Case Study

Four Cases.
Sanjay Banerjee.
` Ph-ac / Gymn / Sulph / Nat-m / Nat-ar / Tub / Thuj / Calc / Bac / Am-m.

CASE 1: Diabetes Mellitus

Mr. Jamini R, aged 42 years came with following complaints -

  1. Polyuria more at night every hour.
  2. Thirst increased.
  3. Weakness and Vertigo.
  4. Sudden loss of weight, sexual weakness, anxiety.
  5. Appetite increased.
  6. Flatulence.

Past History: Ringworm (age of 15 years), warts, otorrhoea.

Family History: Father had Heart attack. Grandfather had Kochs infection; Maternal Grandfather had Asthma. There was no history of Diabetes in family.

Investigations: Blood sugar fasting - 275 mg percent. Urine sugar +++ pus cells ++.

Treatment and Follow-up:

Acid-phos 200 followed by Gymnema-sylvestre Q
4-2-87 - No weakness. Thirst decreased, Appetite improved and flatulence less. The Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) was 260 mg percent on 2-2-87 and Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) was 430 mg percent. Urine Sugar +++. The dimness in vision was more at night.
Treatment - Acid-phos 200 and Gymnema-syl Q.
19-2-87 - Urine sugar ++; Dimness in vision
Treatment - Gymnema-syl Q
9-3-87 - FBS 93 mg percent
Treatment - Gymnema-syl Q
8-4-87 - PPBS was 200 mg percent. Ringworm better by local application. Urine was scanty and offensive. Thirst poor. Sweats profuse. Appetite good.
Treatment - Sulphur 2c-0-2 and Gymnema-syl Q.
1-6-87 - No complaints. PPBS 86 mg percent. No weakness.
Treatment - Sulphur 2c-0-2 and Gymnema-syl Q.
15-7-87 - PPBS 88 mg percent
Treatment - Sulphur 2c-0-2 and Gymnema-syl Q
15-8-87 - Patient much better. PPBS 84 mgm percent
16-9-87 - PPBS 130 mg percent offensive mouth and urine no debility.
Treatment - Sulphur 2c-0-2D Gymnema-syl Q.
25-11-87 - PPBS 98 mg percent sometimes pain in left molar teeth worse while eating - Redness of right eye.
Treatment - Bell 200-2 and Gymnema-syl Q.
28-12-87 - Pain right knee after a history of injury; no other complaint.
Treatment - Arnica 200-2 and Gymnema-syl Q.

CASE 2: A Case of Epilepsy

Master KM 15 years of age came with the following complaints -

  1. Fits with involuntary urination, occurring at yearly intervals. It was usually after eating. There were four episodes of fit since 1979 which started after a history of shock and fright.
  2. Present complaint was a dullness with deviated expression of activity.
  3. Headache worse in sun
  4. Coated tongue.
  5. Hard stools which requires straining.

Past History: shock, fright, septic tonsillitis.

Family History: Father has diabetes and maternal Grand-father has asthma.

Physical Generals:

Desires - Eggs, salty food, rich fatty food
Thermal - Hot
Sweats - on head and palms.


Irritable, whimsical, sensitive to disorder, washing mania, likes dancing, careless.


EEG - showed cortical dysarrhythmia.

Treatment and Follow-up:

14-5-84 - Nat-mur 200 on basis of onset after fright and shock.
19-7-84 - Family history of Epilepsy, likes salt and meat constipation and contradictory symptoms.
Treatment - Nat-mur 200 repeated.
25-10-84 - No attacks of fits. Memory and Irritability improved. Acne on face, Cough + cold, Oedema of lower eyelids. Stools regular, sometimes loose. Itching arms.
Treatment - Nat-mur 1M, 2 doses.
8-2-85 - No fit, pain hypogastric region, improper articulation.
Treatment - Placebo.
30-9-86 - Restlessness, lack of confidence, fastidious.
Treatment - Nat-ars 1M.
4-3-87 - No attack of fits. Restlessness, Irritable. Likes to study, hard stool, throat irritation with allergic dyspnoea to incense stick, has gained confidence.
Treatment - Placebo.
20-10-87 - Attacks of bronchial spasm, Irritable, catarrhal tendency. F-H of Asthma.
Treatment - Tub-bov 1M-2 doses.

CASE 3: Undiagnosed Chronic Fever

A male child aged 18 months came on 13-3-86 with following complaints -

  1. Chronic fever since 3 months of age. The fever ranges from 99.5 F to 103 F. There is chill during fever with sweat on hands and feet after the fever declines. The fever was aggravated in at 3 pm and at 3 am.
  2. Slight coryza
  3. Loss of appetite with loose stool in the morning after eating.
  4. Cries while passing urine

Investigations: X-ray chest was normal but Mantoux test was positive.

Past History - Loose stools in morning after eating. Improper small-pox vaccination.
Family History: Asthma, Koch, Rheumatism, Chronic migraine, cystitis, ring worm and mental disorders.
Clinical Findings: Cervical glands, slightly enlarged liver.
Other Treatment: Anti tubercular treatment with no result.

Treatment and Follow-up:

Thuja 200 then 1M and later followed by Calc-ars 200 was given on the following indication -

  1. Aggravation of fever in afternoon and later part of night. (3 am and 3 pm)
  2. Onset of disease after vaccination.
  3. The fever comes on with chills and there is sweating of palms.
  4. Crying during urination.
  5. Loose stools in morning after eating.
  6. H-o Rheumatism, cystitis in family.

The baby was fine in 2 months. The patient now enjoys good health except occasional catarrh for which Bacillinum was given with good result.

CASE 4: Typhoid with Haemorrhage

Master S aged 14 years came with typhoid fever which was complicated with bleeding from nose, mouth, gums and anus.

The patient was emaciated, prostrated with blocked nostrils and bleeding from nose and gums. Relapse of Typhoid after dietetic error. The patient had craving for lemonade.

Treatment: - Amm-mur was prescribed on the basis of

  1. Craving for lemonade.
  2. Nasal blockage
  3. Haemorrhage
  4. Emaciation in the lower part of body.

The patient was a man in his sixties. He was a smoker, a hog and worst of all a drunkard. Dr. Weisberg warned him about the dangers of all these things and said, "They may well cause you to die early".

The patient replied, "Doctor, you let me die and I will never speak to you again".