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Case Study

And The Master Whispered.
Akshay Banker.
` Puls

A 25 year old male patient came with a c-o Asthma since child hood. He was a stock-broker who was working with his father since the past two years. His chief complaints were -Breathlessness worse at 4 a.m. - 5 a.m., eating sweets (++), in the monsoon (+++). season and from cold things (++). Better in an air-conditioned room, by fanning, eating ice-cream (++) and by sitting bent forward with a pillow on his lap.

His other complaints were -

  1. Chronic cold since 2 years with severe Sinusitis due to it.
  2. Nose blocked +++ all the time. He feels energetic if nose is open.
  3. Tired and unrefreshed in the morning even after a good sleep.
  4. No complaint from natural wind.
  5. Nose blocked on the side on which he lies while the other side opens up.

All his above complaints have increased since his joining his work (2 years) for which he remains engaged for 16 hours a day. Allopathic treatment was taken but failed.

He had also been given Homoeopathic medicines by some other Doctor and his mother who happens to read Homoeopathic books. This was of no benefit. So, he came to me looking miserable.

Past History:

H-o measles - at 10th month
H-o Tonsillectomy at 6 years age due to recurrent throat infections.

Family History:

Strong Family history of asthma - in Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother - Asthma since childhood.

Personal History:

Appetite ++ but cannot eat enough at one time. Has to eat periodically - weakness from hunger.
Thirst - Scanty
Desires - Does not know definitely as he has not taken many things with fear of aggravating complaints. But he surely likes ice-cream. Ailments from ice-cream (++), cold things (++), sweets (++).
Nature - Mild Trembling of body when angry. Sleeps on abdomen.
Salivation - while asleep.
Thermal - Likes winter but feels better in summer and in open air.
Eyes become red due to sun.
Skin - suffers from sunburn easily.
Perspiration - Offensive odour.
Pulsatilla 1M one dose was prescribed on 17-2-95. He was advised to stop all other medicines. This suggestion was received with a mixed feeling of fear, doubt and, disturbed confidence in me, and was followed by a meek argument. He was therefore advised to avoid other medicine as long as his suffering was not intolerable. He agreed to this and said if I dont take the medicine all my above complaints will increase terribly. But he agreed to follow my advice.

On 18-3-95 the patient came and said - "Good news - I have not taken any medicine and I had very good sleep with a feeling which I have never felt since my birth".

Later when he came on 27-3-95 he said - "I have forgotten what is to suffer and the symptoms which I had when I came to you seem to be a dream".

The case may not be cured as per definition of a cure of an asthma, however, the immediate response as obtained by prescribing a similimum is breath-taking.

Editors Comments:

It would have been better if the author had given reasons why Pulsatilla acted. We may draw the readers attention to the following passages from the H.C. Allens Keynotes -

  1. "One of the best remedies with which to begin the treatment of the chronic case".
  2. "Patients, anaemic or chlorotic who have taken much iron, quinine and tonics even years before".
  3. "Ailments from abuse of chamomile, quinine, mercury, tea-drinking Sulphur".