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Case Study

Cactus-G returns the Honeymoon Pleasure
Dave G.
` Cact

Mrs. S.H., aged 45, was suffering from chronic malaria. She was under my treatment since 4-6 months with her constitutional medicine, Pulsatilla in infrequent doses in higher potencies. Usually she always came with her daughter to my clinic, but on 7th October 94, she came alone and narrated the following complaints :-

  1. She had been unable to have coition during the last 3-4 months due to pain and tightness in the vagina even after the slightest touch.

    She had consulted a Gynaecologist who diagnosed her condition as primary vaginismus without any organic lesion, requiring no treatment but only confidence and relaxation during coition. She told me that when the gynaecologist examined her she had severe pain in vagina. She also added that there was no such sensitiveness or pain before.
  2. On further inquiry, she reported that she had lost the joy and the natural moisture of vagina even during coition, resulting in unsatisfactory coition since the last few years.
  3. But since 3-4 months the insertion of penis became impossible and her husband was also disappointed with her condition.

On this history I took the following rubrics for repertorisation:

  1. Vaginismus preventing coitus (Kr 734) - CACT, plat
  2. Absence of enjoyment during coition (Kr 715) - CAUS, SEP, Phos
  3. Dryness of vagina (Kr 717) - NAT-M, Sep, Lyc.
  4. Pain in vagina during coitus (Kr 734) - ARG-N, NAT-M, LYC, Plat.
  5. Repeated h-o malaria: Nat-mur 1000 prescribed for two days followed by SL for three days.

In Oct 94, she came back without any positive result and seemed greatly disappointed. Then I reviewed the whole case. I found that Nat-mur didnt cover rubric no.1 which is the most important symptom of the case. So on that ground I prescribed Cact-g 200 tds for three days followed by SL for 10 days.

On 30th October, she came with a smiling face and and told me "Doctor your treatment has returned me the lost Honeymoon pleasure!".

This really surprised me! Again I prescribed Nat-mur CM single dose followed by SL for fifteen days. Since then she has been facing no problem as such.

This case proves that we have to select the medicine that covers each and every symptom with higher marks. It also explains the importance of a particular but characteristic symptom to guide us to the remedy.

An old sailor gave up smoking when his pet parrot developed a persistent cough. He was worried that the pipe smoke that frequently filled the room had damaged the parrots health. He had a veterinarian to examine the bird. After a thorough check-up the veterinarian concluded that the parrot did not have psittacosis or pneumonia. It had merely been imitating the cough of its pipe-smoking master.