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Case Study

Convulsions - Differential Approach.
Tirumalacharyulu .
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A 6 month old baby got febrile convulsions with high fever of 105 degree F. She was not given routine allopathic treatment. Since her parents were my patients for more than 15 years they brought the baby to me.

As a First Aid in convulsions, I put two drops of Euphrasia Q in each eye; keptAmyl-nitrosa Q soaked in cotton at her nose. If these medicines do not bring the patient to conscious state, we have to lift the patient high, throw and catch carefully again and again several times. Children do respond to such techniques. Also commonly it is seen that indigestion or fever are precipitating factors for convulsions in children. Treat this also.

If the baby is on mothers milk we will have to give a list of things not to be taken and if the baby is on tinned cereal food it may contain some chemical ingredients along with Vitamins and minerals which may hinder the action of our medicine, hence it is to be stopped. Habit of eating chocolate also causes several problems.

So, in the above case I tried several general medicines, from my 19 years of experience, like Aconite, Chamomilla, Nux-vomica, Aethusa-cy, Belladonna, Opium, Antim-tart, Cicuta-v, Cina, Santonine, Teucrium, Moneum-varum, Hyoscyamus, Bryonia, Rhus-tox, Pulsatilla-all these drugs help everytime but were not able to keep the baby permanently healthy.

When interrogated persistently whether the mother had any injury or problems in pregnancy or the baby during delivery, the parents eventually came out with the following history:

The mother already has two daughters and so wanted to terminate this pregnancy in the 2nd and 3rd month. She used allopathic drugs (Cyclonorm E and Cyclonorm P - 1 tablet each at bed time for 6 days with 3 ml Injection of Nirvaquin) but was not able to induce abortion.

The case was solved! Secale-cor 10M, one dose daily night for 4 days was given. With this the patient had fever on a number of occasions but - without any convulsion.

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