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Case Study

Cute little Riya & other cases
Dr Rashmi Nagar
'Lyco / Phos / Stram

Case 1: Cute little Riya
My new neighbour, 5 year-old Riya is a sweet chubby child. Her lovely face was marred by three ugly warts-visible from a distance. She had the warts for 6 months on Rt. side of face and neck. Progress: neck - above the eyebrow - outer ear.

Associated Complaints: Infection of fingernails / 2 weeks.
Previous Rx-Homoeopathy - no change.
Appetite: N
Cravings: fast food.
Thirst: Normal
Urine: Normal
Bowels: Normal
Sleep: N
Perspiration: N

Past History
Cyst: eye > Hom
Vaccines: all given no problem
Birth wt. 6 1b.
Born - 18 days earlier
Mile stones: early
Thermal: hot3
F/H Mo: Keloid since birth, warts
Father: fungal infection. Nail
PGM: Asthma.
PGF: Hypertension.

Mind: She has a very inquisitive, restless mind, very confident, smart and talkative. No sibling rivalry or tantrums.
No repertorisation was done in this case but the prominent aspect were considered:
Rt sided affections (warts, p/h/o, cyst), early mile stones, early delivery and precocity + Sycotic miasm (Mo-warts), on 9-7-99. she was given Lycopodium 200 followed by Thuja 200 at weekly intervals. One week later there was little change. Therefore Thuja 200 and Lycopodium 1M given.

18-7-99. Shrinking of the neck wart and bleeding from the other wart. SL.
On 21-7-99 both these warts disappeared and the one on the ear was barely visible. (In reverse order of their appearance).
Lovely little Riya now looks lovelier. She has become very friendly with me and mother now wants to consult me for her younger sibling! This is the reward we get when we do our job well.
These cases demonstrate and reiterate the importance of the mother's state during pregnancy and its importance in the development of the child.

Case 2: Where is my Asthma?
Six months ago, my friend had employed a new servant a boy of 12 yrs from the village. Few days later she brought him to the clinic as he had an acute attack of bronchial asthma.

He was in no condition to give a detailed history and my friend also knew very little about him. The only thing he could tell was that he had h/o periodical attacks of dyspnoea since childhood. He used to take some diaphoretic syrup and would be all right with that.

His attack was very severe and continuous since 12 hrs like status asthmaticus. Therefore I referred him for X-ray chest & ESR and also advised him to take allopathic medicine for the acute phase + Blatta Q-sos.

He was advised hospitalization by the attending physician but his relatives did not want to spend money on him and so he returned to his village in this terrible condition. There he developed jaundice, took rest for one month & came back to Mumbai.

My friend wanted me to give him preventive for his attacks & a long term Home.
His history did not reveal much.
Acute attacks < change of season < dust
< Sitting bent forward.
Every cold turned to asthma, No dysponea once a month or in 2 months.

No F/H/O asthma and all other aspects normal His nature was quiet and amicable; constitutionally he was thin, tall for his age with long, lovely eyelashes and a smiling face. He did all the work without cribbing, with lot of enthusiasm.

More than the history, it was his physical personality that looked like Phos. He was given Phos 200 to be followed by Tub 200 to start with & he had no more attacks of asthma.

Later on he used to come for acute colds, feeling that he may again get dyspnoea. During the acute phase he was given Ars-iod 200 followed by Phos 1M followed by Tub 1M during silent phase. He has not had a single attack since then and improved in all respects. Put on weight and he always keeps the Homoeopathic medication with him but seldom needs it!

This is the second dramatic case I have witnessed in practice. The first one was when I was working with Dr. Shirin Wadia, when she prescribed Cal-carb for a fat, fair, flabby infant with multiple warts and next week the mother cheerfully announced. All his warts have disappeared!

This case taught me that detailed history is a must but when the constitution of the patient stares you in the face, just grab it- like grabbing a bull by its horns.

Case 3: Mother's state during pregnancy
5 years old Shivali walked into my Clinic with her mother, with c/o vomiting - once a week ever since she was born.

Chief Complaint: vomiting < when shouted at < night or when wanted attention.

Associated Complaints: sour vomit with stomach pain
Appetite: Normal
Cravings: Cheese3, butter and chocolates
Thirst = u = occ. Busing
Bowels = Irregular
Sleep: talks and walks inspiration
Thermals: Hot vacant

Past History: measles at 3yr; mumps at 4yrs
P/H find milk stones: early

Family History: Renal failure - MGM; Renal-calculus - PGF

Mind: Her school report said she had lot of awareness with varied interests. Very intelligent.
Mother described her as strong willed talkative and emotional. She loved stories.
All her reports were normal, no h/o pyloric stenosis, Mother occasionally used to give digene for stomach burning. Anti-emetics only gave temporary relief.
Now why did this sweet little girl with a sound family and a very caring, particular mother had this problem?.

Before I could ask the mother her state during pregnancy, she herself said: There was a young uncle who died. Mother was very attached to the uncle, and his death lift her insecure, with many fears, resulting in constant vomiting. Could it be because of that she is vomiting? Another thing, "Doctor she doesn't leave me for a minute. I'm fed up...

During the second pregnancy, she used to meditate. She delivered a quiet little `Buddha' who never troubled her!

Important Features And Rubrics:
Mind: A/f Fear: Str3, Kali3, Lyco2
Hearing bad news from: Dros, CP2, Lyssin, Nat-p
Loquacity: Str3
Clinging: Stram (single rubric)
Sleep: talk: Stram2
Craving - cheese, A-ster, Arg-n.

On 2-5-94 she was given Stramonium 200 single dose.
On 11-5-94. Vomiting only once. Stram 200 was repeated. She reported after 7 months, as she had no vomiting! Mother profusedly thanked me and that time her mentals were: defiant headstrong, contradiction < with mild discharge from eyes. Being intelligent, strong willed with H/o renal calculus - Lyco 200 was given as constitutional. She is well overall.