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Case Study

Mummy, I Hate Veggies
Mamgain S K.
Ph-ac / Ruta.

Warts are external manifestations especially of sycosis miasm. There is great variety of warts in shape, size, number and colour. Some are painless, some bleed, some are flat and some may be horny. Others are dry or fleshy and so on. (Kents repertory page 1339-40)

Kent has also given remedies under the rubric Excrescences, Condylomata (page 1324-25). A part from these Kent has also given remedies for warts in his repertory under different sections. Editor: These have all been collected and given in this issue).

All the remedies given under the rubric Warts are capable of causing warts and hence capable of curing them. In the past 30 years I have cured innumerable cases of warts of different kinds. Here I relate two cases.

Case 1:

Thuja is one of the most prominent remedies for warts and is greatly used as well as abused in warts.

Kent says "crude drugs do not impress the vital force so lastingly, but an individual who is thoroughly sensitive and as sensitive as contagion then if you undertake to prove by giving night and morning, you will rivet upon him a life-long miasm.

If any remedy is given to a sensitive patient indiscriminately and repeatedly, it will also do the mischief as is done by proving indicated by Dr. Kent.

Miss P aged 8 years, came on 2/5/91 with numerous flat warts, rough and hard on her right hand fingers, on the back of the thumb near the base and on the right foot.

Her father said that initially she had only one wart on the right foot. He consulted a homoeopath who prescribed Thuja 1M in drop doses thrice daily.

The child was given the same for two weeks. While she was taking the medicine new crops of warts came up around the original wart and also on the hand and thumb. The medicine was then stopped. The child had no other symptoms, except loss of appetite and aversion to vegetables.

Now, I could not recollect where I found that Ruta is one of the antidotes to Thuja,Ruta is also one of the remedies for aversion to vegetables (KR 482)

So, Ruta 200 was prescribed total 18 doses from 2/5/91 to 9/6/91. There was no change.

On 9/6/91 Ruta 1M five doses were given upto 22/7/91. On 22/7/91 all the warts had disappeared and only some marks remained. The patient was given four more doses of Ruta 1M, one dose every week.

Case 2:

Miss S, 13 years old was brought on 10/10/92. She had a large pea size soft, dark and fleshy wart on the back of her right hand between the index finger and thumb. It was painless and no other sensation was left (KR 1223).

The other symptoms were as follows-

  1. Pain in calves daily or every third day worse at night. Tying the legs tightly gave relief. (KR 1075, Growing pains).
  2. Menses used to be late by 5-7 days (KR 727)
  3. Menses copious and painful (KR 725)
  4. Severe pain first day, hypogastrium (KR 727)

I also referred to Clarkes Dictionary.

Treatment: Phos-acid 30 tds on 19/10/92. It was noticed that the wart had started contracting and had become rough at the apex.

Phos-acid was continued till 23/10/92. Because there was apparent improvement in all the symptoms, so the girl was kept on placebo for another two weeks. During this period the wart vanished. Pain in the calves gone. Later it was also learnt that her menses became normal. Since then no return of complaints till now (Feb 94).