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Case Study

Surgery Not A Chance.
Ranuat K.
Thuj / Dulc / Ant-c.

Case 1:

A 40 years old lady came for treatment of cracked, ulcerated and painful nipples. There were small warts on both her breasts. Her skin was very dry, especially the skin of her hands, which was chapped. She had occasional itching of the warts. No other peculiar symptoms were present. I decided to treat her with an anti-sycotic drug.

Thuja 1M three doses was given followed by SL for 15 days. On her next visit, there was no change in the condition. A reference to Boerickes repertory Pg 918- Warts on breast Castor-equi was given as the only remedy. So, Castor-equi 30 one dose daily was given for 10 days. A month later there were no warts on the breast and her cracked nipples had healed.

(This remedy is highly useful in cracked and ulcerated nipples Editor)

Case 2:

A 10 year old boy had warts covering both his hands. They were hard but not bleeding. His appetite was poor but he had a strong desire for sour foods. On further questioning, his mother told me that the boy avoided bathing. At times she had to beat him to take a bath.

The following were the rubrics selected-

  1. KR 1345- Bathing dread of
  2. SR II 270- Desires sour
  3. KR 1339- Warts hard
  4. KR 1340- Warts horny

Treatment: Antim-crud 200 three doses after 1 hour interval and SL for 10 days.

10 days later there was improvement.SL was continued and 10 more days later, there was no trace of the warts.

Case 3:

A 20 year old girl came with warts on the back of hands and feet. There was also a wart on her face which she was very worried. Appetite was normal. Periods were normal. There was a past history of vaccination. Dreams of falling from height.

Rubrics taken:

  1. KR 1239- Dreams, falling from height
  2. KR 954- Brittle toe nails

Thuja covered both the rubrics.

15/7/92- Thuja 10M two doses at one hour interval and SL for 15 days.
31/7/92- slight improvement SL for 15 days.

At the next visit there were no warts on the face, hands or feet.

Case 4:

Mr. M. 50 years old, had large and smooth warts on his neck since the last 6 years. He had come with complaints of chronic coryza and nose block during rains. During the interview, he used filthy language without any expression on his face. When I asked him as to why he used such foul language he said "I know it, but cannot control it."

His sleep and dreams were normal. Appetite was good with no special liking. He was a chilly patient.

Family history- Bronchial asthma in father.

Rubrics taken:

  1. SR I 7- Abusive without being angry
  2. KR 1349- Chilly patient
  3. KR 341- Nose obstruction wet weather
  4. KR 1340- Warts smooth
  5. Phataks Rep 402- Warts large soft

Treatment: On 22/7/93, Dulcamara 1M three doses were given and S for 15 days. After a month most of the warts disappeared. Dulcamara 1M three doses were given again and the stuffy nose cleared.