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Case Study

Wind Flower For Flower Like Eyes.
Shah M S.
` Puls / Sil.

Recently a young lady came with her father, and a regular patient of mine. She was suffering from inflammatory oedema with pus formation of her right lower eye lid. All eye specialists recommended surgery for the condition, which the patient was not willing to undergo as she was to be married soon.

Broad spectrum antibiotics were prescribed without any positive result and in fact led to suppressions. She and her anxious father were very disappointed and their eyes were full of tears. After examining the patient, some questions regarding her complaint were inquired into without getting satisfactory answers. So I took the following rubrics in the Kents repertory.

  1. KR Pg 237 - Eye, discharges of mucus or pus - PULS, Sil
  2. KR Pg 237 - Eye discharge of mucus or pus yellow - PULS, SIL
  3. KR Pg 267 - Eye, swollen lachrymal sac - PULS, SIL
  4. KR Pg 240 - Eye, fistula, discharging pus on pressure - PULS, Sil.
  5. KR Pg 240 - Eye Suppression leading to suppuration - PULS

In fact there was a peculiar mental symptom of Pulsatilla too ie Mind, weeping telling of her sickness when - PULS. Keeping in view all the above mentioned rubrics etc the following treatment was given.

15-6-95 - Pulsatilla 200-TDS and Silicea 6x-TDS
19-6-95 - The condition of her right eye was worse. There was a severe swelling and yellow discharge of pus from the lower eye lid and the patient complained of severe pain. In the past three to four days all the symptoms were aggravated. The potency of Pulsatilla was increased to 1M BD and Silicea 6X tds continue.
25-6-95 - Patient came looking more confident; swelling had subsided, the pus was almost drained, no pain, no anxiety. Same treatment continued.
5-7-95 - Both the eyes were clear; it was difficult to know which eye of the lady had been affected previously.