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Case Study

 A Bottle of Warts.

Parinaz Humranwala.

Master G H, 13 years of age walked in with his mother. His chief complaint was nocturnal enuresis. His mother explained that ever since he was born there had hardly been a day when he had not wet his bed. The frequency of bed-wetting was known to increases when the child had cold drinks or ice-creams. Even as his mother was narrating this to me, he cut short his mothers conversation and in a rather rude tone said "Forget that, talk about my warts."

There were large palmar warts in plenty on his right palm. "It started after I started playing cricket" he explained to me. For my record, I started to count the number of warts, but lost count twice. At this he pulled his hand away and rudely said "forget it". The embarrassed mother apologized saying "he is in one of his bad moods today." "He has pain in the chest at times, which often sets in before the exams" she continued. I inquired what he would like to be on growing up. "Surely a businessman", he said "I am not cut out to serve anybody."

His complaints pointed out to Lycopodium very clearly. I therefore prescribedLycopodium 200 (3) doses followed by placebo and instructed the mother to bring him in a week later.

As he entered my consulting room a week later, "Here he said, placing the bottle (which was filled with placebo a week earlier) very confidently on my table, "You had difficulty in counting the warts, now your job will be easier". I emptied the contents of the bottle on the table dried warts 25 in number lay scattered. (I still have the bottle with the dried warts perhaps one of the best souvenirs to me). The complaint of bedwetting also reduced and within a month stopped completely.

Rubrics chosen:

  1. SR I Pg 862- Rudeness
  2. SR I Pg 647- Insolent
  3. SR I Pg 600- Impatient
  4. SR I Pg 437- Egoistic
  5. SR I Pg 398- Dictatorial
  6. SR I Pg 413- Disobedient
  7. SR I Pg 761- Moods - alternating and variable
  8. SR I Pg 15- Anticipation complaints from
  9. KR Pg 1223- Warts, hand
  10. KR Pg 1400- Right sided affinity for
  11. KR Pg 659- Urination involuntary, night.

Observation and Understanding of Lycopodium Children:

Lycopodium child does not want to answer questions and looks at the parent to make sure they are answering correctly. The child may often butt into the conversation to correct the parent. They are dictatorial and exert control initially on their close family and later even beyond the family circle. Headstrong and bossy, they often order around their brothers and sisters and cry or shut if their commands are not heeded to. They hate to be contradicted even by the doctor. Irritability is used to maintain tyranny and is pronounced when they are contradicted; when in pain; when constipated; and on waking in the morning. A Lycopodium child has many fears and insecurities. Fear of strangers, fear to appear before the doctor, fear before an elocution competition in school (performance anxiety). The child dresses well and is conscious of his social circle. The cowardly nature of the child always demands the presence of his parents everywhere.

According to Paul Herscu, "These children have two aspects an anxious, insecure, indecisive side that makes them seem weak and an irritable, bossy side that makes them seem tyrannical. It is the interplay of these two aspects that gives the major clue to this remedy".