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Case Study

A Case of Multiple Warts
Dr Sameer Upadhya

Shri A, 28 years, from Baroda, was referred to me by a Dermatologist for homoeopathic treatment of multiple warts.

Family set-up:

Wife -27 years, housewife, Past history of abortions.
Son - 2 years.
Father - 60 years, Bank Manager with Diabetes Mellitus.
Mother - 55 years, Osteo-arthritis.
Sister - studying MD.

Chief Complaints:

  1. Multiple warts over face and neck-about 75-100 in number.
  2. Falling of hair.
  3. Dandruff and dry hair.

Life History:

Shri A, was born and educated in Bombay. Being the only son of his parents who looked after all his needs. As a child he was very obese and quite obstinate. All his milestones had been delayed. He had fear of dark, of being alone and of dogs. He had repeated dreams of being murdered in childhood. Three months after joining a medical college he left and joined Engineering College and completed be (Mechanical) degree course. He went on to do MBA and then later took a job in a large company as Sales Manager. He made friends easily and had good relationships with them. He likes to be among people in a group. Inspite of doing well at the job he felt insecure about the job and money matters. He desired to save more money to protect his future; had tremendous anxiety about money. He is very fastidious. He felt that his disease was not curable. He could not see any horror films or cruelty in films (fear of violence). He had vertigo on looking down from high places. Before approaching me, he had undergone cryosurgery as well as homoeopathic treatment for about 9 months without result. He had been given Thuja 200, 1M, 10M and 50M, Causticum 1M, 10M and Nitric Acid 1M by a Homoeopath without relief.

Personal History:

PERSPIRATION - Too much especially over scalp, forehead and axilla, stains yellow.
THIRST - Normal
CRAVING - Soft boiled eggs (3+), cold drinks(2+), Chocolates (3+)
SLEEP -Good. Sleeps on abdomen.
DREAMS - of being murdered (in childhood - even now occasionally)

Rubrics Selected:

  1. SR I 437 - Egotism
  2. SR I 149 - Company desire for
  3. SR I 324 - Delusion, being murdered
  4. SR I 487 - Fear of Dark
  5. SR I 495 - Fear of Dogs
  6. SR II 233 - Craves-eggs, soft boiled
  7. SR II 233 - Craves cold drinks
  8. SR II 229 - Craves chocolate.
  9. KR 100 - Vertigo high places.
  10. KR 221/222 - Perspiration scalp, forehead.

On the basis of the above rubrics Calc-carb 1M single dose was given followed by SL for 15 days. 10th Dec 93 - Four days after taking the first dose, the right side of the face became absolutely clear of warts, while there was no change on the left side. SL for one month. 15th Jan 94 - No warts remained. Falling of hair decreased.