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Case Study

Causticum not Cauterization.
Paresh Patel.
` Caust / Sil.

Case 1:

A 10 years old girl had several small seedy warts on both the hands and face including lips and eyelids for which she came for treatment.

As Causticum has a specific affinity for face, hands, lips and eyelids (Kents Rep), it was given in 30th potency twice a day for 7 days. As there was no reaction after 7 days. Causticum 200 2 doses a week followed by placebo was given. It produced a favorable reaction. Almost all warts shrunk and fell down, only one small shrunken wart did not disappear. Causticum 1M was given with 2 weeks placebo. The next week when the patient came back, he had numerous new warts back on his body.

The patient was explained about the action of Homoeopathic drugs and reassured. He was asked to report after 15 days. On his next visit all the warts had disappeared including the new warts which had appeared following Causticum 1M.

Case 2:

A 40 years old male had small warts on the chin and submandibular region. Before he came to me, Causticum 30 and Thuja 1M were given by some other Homoeopath without any result.

After repertorial reference, I decided to repeat Causticum. It was given in 30 potency for 2 weeks without favorable reaction. Thereafter Causticum 200 2 doses a week, for 2 weeks were given without any hopeful outcome. Then I gave him Causticum 1M one dose with placebo and asked him to see me after a week. Still, it failed to respond. Lastly, I switched over to Causticum 10M. Only one dose of it removed all the warts within a few days. Till date no warts have recurred.

Case 3:

A boy aged 19 years had three round, hard and painful warts on the border of the left sole.

While taking the case, I observed that his palms were sweating and there were many white spots on the nails of the fingers. (Kent Rep pg 981, Sil 3 marks and Clarkes Vol Sil). On a detailed inquiry about perspiration he said "I cannot wear shoes as it causes offensive smell from the soles."

I prescribed Silicea 200 one dose followed by placebo and asked him to come after a week. On his next visit the perspiration of palms was reduced. I gave placebo with no improvement for next three weeks. So, I switched to Silicea 1M with placebo. It did wonders! The warts grew black and disappeared and the offensive perspiration of feet was also reduced.