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Case Study

And They All Fell Down
Farida Talati.
` Sulph.

Mr. CU, 49 years of age, came with about 200 small pedunculated warts on his face and neck. He was quite depressed about his appearance as he was a film distributor and had to meet a lot of sophisticated people in high society. Each person that he met gave him some advice or some solution or recommended him to some specialist.

The patient felt that the warts had appeared after he took Homoeopathic medicine for his chronic dysentery. He gave a history of Cauterization of 8-10 warts in January 82 and dysentery in March 82. With Homoeopathic drugs his dysentery was cured and the warts returned with a vengeance. This was a clear case of suppression.

Other symptoms were-

Appetite- poor. Desires sweets.
Thirst- Little
Urine- Normal
Stools- Loose and often aggravated by spicy food.
Thermal- Very Hot patient.
Personal history- Diabetes and mild hypertension.
Past history- heart attack due to hypertension, diabetes; mumps, eczema in childhood, ringworm in groins 10 years ago.
Family history- Father was also a diabetic and died of Heart attack. Mother had high blood pressure and Tuberculosis. Maternal aunt also had Tuberculosis.

Mentally he was very irritable, tense about his appearance and did not want to see anybody.


8/7/82- Three doses of Sulphur 200 followed by Nux-vom 30 based on the history of suppression.
15/7/82- about 5 warts fell off. SL was given.
22/7/82- A few more gone. Sulphur 1M three doses were given.
29/7/82- 10-12 more warts fell off. SL was continued.
8/9/82- Sulphur 10M three doses were given.
23/9/82- Only two warts remained. All the rest had come off while he was wiping his face with a napkin.
7/10/82- The face was absolutely clear of warts.

There were no marks or scars left on his face. The patient was so happy about his looks that his depression vanished. He started socializing again. His hypertension and diabetes also came under control.