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Case Study

A Smokers Warts
Parag Sheth.
` Calad.

Mr. SB, a 22 years old male patient, came with 11 clustered warts on his chin since 2 months. The warts were long, hard, black-brown in colour and had rough edges. On pressure they would show small punctate bleeding spots.

The patient was distressed as it disfigured his face. He could not shave as it bled on touch.

He also had a chronic dry cough since a couple of months and occasional dull frontal headaches.

Personal History:

Thirst- Normal
Appetite- poor
Craving- fried (oily) food.
Thermal- Chilly

Perspiration- profuse, all over the body, more at groins. Patient said that the sweet was sticky and foul. Habits- Chronic cigarette smoker, He started smoking at the age of 12 years and now smokes a minimum of 20 cigarettes a day. This was the probable reason for the chronic dry cough (smokers cough).

Tongue O/E- Central deep crack.
Family History- Diabetes in both parents. Warts in mother.
Sleep- Good. Amorous dreams occasionally.
Mentals: The patient is a second year Engineering student. He was forced into taking Engineering by his father. Given a choice he would have opted for Commerce. Not sincere in studies and barely scrapes through his examinations. Very forgetful. Cannot remember things fast enough. Does things all day but at night he forgets all that he had done. Concentration is poor. He cannot think properly.

Very irritable. At slightest provocation he gets into fits of anger and abuses.

He is concerned about his smoking habit which he wants to get rid off.


He was given his constitutional drug-Nitric-acid in 200 potency single dose followed by placebo for 1 week. When he came next time, warts had remained as they were.

Nitric-acid was stepped up to 1M and a single dose was given with placebo for 15 days without any change.

The next time he again complained of his smoking habit and desperately wanted to reduce or if possible stop it.

Caladium was given in order to remove the habit of tobacco. On referring to Boerickes Materia Medica. I found Caladium and Nitric-acid are complementary. Caladium has a sticky sweat in the groins as well as the tobacco habit.

Kents Materia Medica (page 308)- Caladium- "Forgetfulness in persons who are mentally and physically prostrated from sexual excesses or from tobacco poisoning."

So, Caladium 30 three times a day for one week was prescribed. On the next visit the patient complained of nausea on smoking cigarettes and consequently he had cut down the number of cigarettes. Amazingly, the warts simply disappeared and have not recurred since past 7 months.

(Editor: So here Caladium acted as the constitutional remedy. Do any of the readers have any experience of Caladium covering the mind, irritability and abusive nature and warts?).