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Case Study

A Case of Varicose Ulcer
Dr Anita Salunkhe

M/38 came to me a year ago with Hypertension, which was treated by Homoeopathy.
When his wife was not conceiving, his investigation revealed he had mild varicocele with low sperm count. This increased after homeopathic treatment. It was only recently that he developed Varicose ulcer.

Recent Complaints
Varicose ulcer on Left Leg.
Painless, bluish, Black base.
Discharge: Offensive smell.
Swelling on leg. > elevating leg.

Physical Generals
Appetite: Good
Thermals: Chilly, but desires fan always
Thirst: Thirst less
Appearance: Fat, chubby, tall, Stoop shouldered,
Reserved. Does not talk of problem until asked

·         He has become very careless about himself and his health. His wife says, nowadays, he is not bothered of the family.

·         Even when married just 2 years he did not enjoy parties or family functions.

·         He has become very slow in his work.

·         He is running the family business, where the job is sedentary.

·         He has no hobbies.

·         His wife complained that he takes no responsibility at all.

·         Now married 4 years, yet not interested to have own family (children).

·         His wife complains that she has to force him even to take the treatment

·         Even in the family business, his father meets people and does all the marketing job. Patient just sits in the office. He is not even capable of walking upto a new customer.

Analysis: In any given case we need to understand: 

·         Physical makeup

·         Mental makeup

·         General makeup

Physical makeup
Build - Fat, Flabby, stoop shoulder

Face/feature - Vital face {Happy go-lucky}
Hair - Thin, Straight
Expression - Talk indisposed to
Will - Negative,Timid
Morals - Non-conscientious
Intellect - Nothing particular
Speed - Slowness
Speech - Indifference
Emotions - Not marked
Peculiar behavior - None
Attachment - None
Sensitivity - No particular sensitivity
Thirst - Thirstless
Thermals - Chilly

Causative Factors
Nothing significant.......

Journey of disease:A
{Dr Vijaykar’s chart of suppression}

Varicose ulcer I layer



Hypertension IV layer



Varicocele V layer



Knowledge of Miasm:
Miasma are seen in

Genetic trait:.his behaviour - indifference attitude towards life and family, no love for life.
Diseases....... syphilitic

Case Analysis
Timidity +Talk indisposed to + Slowness + Chilly + Varicose vein ulcer + Discharge offensive + Ulcer bluish, painless

Materia Medica knowledge

·         Arsenic was ruled out as the patient was not at all mentally and physically restless, no anxiety.

·         Lachesis was ruled out as patient was absolutely chilly.

·         Difference between Calcarea and Carbons.

1.   Calcareas and all Carbons are non-conscientious.

2.   Anxiety health:present in all Calcareas but not any Carbons.

3.   Mental state of Calc is insecurity, desires touch and slowness....In Carbons unhappy, unfortunate and dejected....They go into stasis, inert and torpor.

4.   Sensitivity - Calc are impressionable and Carbons exhibit no excitement even for pleasant things.

Carbo-veg 200 I dose given
Follow up
In this case the Hypertension which was the Psoric complaint was wrongly suppressed by homeopathic remedy and he developed varicocele. This too was better with homeopathic treatment and his sycotic disease was suppressed to syphilitic miasm.

After giving Carbo-veg, first his varicose ulcer which is in first layer dissappeard and he got severe pain in his testes. This was better without any repetition of dose and his blood pressure increased. His systolic was high but diastolic was normal. This also indicates that blood pressure is psoric. After almost 8 months he developed fever with cold. The best result was his wife got baby boy after 2 years of the right Homeopathic treatment.

Patho-physiology of
 Carbon Group: 

·         Known for its inertness- slow and sluggish cellular activity

·         Reducing agent - it removes oxygen from tissue so deficiency of oxygen leads to air hunger

·         Act on metabolism anaerobically

·         Accumulation of pyruvic acid so oedema and puffiness in the tissues

·         Affects the venous system - veins are engorged

·         Mind:
Impatience / impetuous
Memory / Active
Dreams vivid / fantastic / visionary / of business
Foolish Mirth

Picture of syphilitic Carbo-veg :
Answers, slowly

Confidence, want of self
Dullness, sluggishness, difficulty of thinking
Indifference-apathy/duties to/everything to/family to his joy, and suffering to
Indolence, aversion to work.
Senses, dull blunted
Sit, inclination to
Mannish habit of girls
Lack of reaction
Work, aversion to mental impossible.

Basic Innate Nature and
Obstinate, headstrong
Avarice: generosity towards strangers, avarice as regards his family.
Music aggravates
Unfortunate feels
Timidity: bashful, appearing in public
Embarrassment in society

Conclusion :
This case is an example of how a partial similimum can give partial change from
 higher layer (hypertension) to lower layer (varicose ulcer) 

·         Capillary hemorrhage

·         Localized ulceration

·         Hypoxia

·         Blueness (cyanosis)

·         Tissue death, offensiveness


Carbo-veg = Charcoal
Made by igniting a pile of wood, covered with a thick layer of soil combustion without oxygen under 300-400
* C - production of volatile compound.
Key Note
Imperfect oxidation leads to disintegration of the tissue. It has disinfectant, deodorant, antiseptic properties; sluggishness, torpor, lazy.
Constitution: Two Types:

1. Lot of heat 
http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif Energy http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif Excessive viability
2. Lack of Oxygen 
http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif Excessive prostration / Pulse weak / Face sunken / Pale or bluish coldness of skin as well of breath. Profound apathy towards life. No emotion.

Picture of Psoric
Business desire for
Ailments from debauchery, sexual excess
Dipsomania, alcoholism
Excitement, excitable hurried as if
Exaltation of fancies
Hurry, haste occupation in
Ideas, abundant, clearness of mind
Worsens the case from less important miasm (psora) to more important miasm (syphilis)
Introduction....Organon of medicine
 ..... The local symptom which had been established by nature on the skin for the relief of the internal disease, thus renewing the more dangerous internal malady and by this repulsion of local symptom compelling the vital force to effect a transference of a worse form of morbid action to other and more important parts; the patient became affected with dangerous disease...etc, in place of the repelled local disease.
This para gives a concrete understanding of how the transfer of disease takes place.