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Case Study

Psoriasis A Few Cases.
Wadia S R.
` Psor / Bac / Mez / Thuj / Puls / Nit-ac / Sil / Ars / Petr / Kali-c / Sep / Sulph / Graph.


This is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with huge reddish pink eruptions covered with silvery scales. Psoriasis is usually worse during winter months. It is known to disappear during pregnancy. One caution - never apply chrysophanic acid even in Homoeopathic dosage to the head, eyebrows and genitalia.


Mrs. J A, age 20 years.

  1. Psoriasis - eruptions extensive - mostly on face, arms, legs, chest, abdomen since 14 years.
    Raw areas with oozing of pus.
    Itching ++ worse after bath
  2. P-H - Urinary Tract Infection.
    Tuberculosis treated with Allopathic medicine for 2 years, Psoriasis treated by a well-known vaid and some Homoeopaths in Bombay.
  3. F-H - sister - Eczema, TB
    sister - cold, father-Diabetes, Hypertension, maternal grandmother - TB
  4. Appetite - Normal, Thirst- 2-3 glasses a day
  5. Stool + Urine - Normal
  6. Prefers Winter but skin worse in winter.
  7. Sleep - Normal, Dreams - occasionally of falling.
  8. Reserved, Never complains about anything to any one.
  9. Bus sickness - nausea.
  10. Menses- Normal but painful on the first day.

Treatment and Follow-up:


6-3-89 18-3-89 Aggravated, patches oozing; Fever; patient bedridden.
1-4-89 Seen very slightly better, pus formation below scabs.
27-5-89 Slightly better; cough and cold.
24-6-89 Patient definitely better.
30-9-89 Better; eruptions less but cold and cough.
Weight increased by 2 kgs, no eruptions

Medicine discontinued

7-1-91 2 years after - patient seen again. Has cold and cough - few eruptions on the abdomen.
4-2-91 Skin better, cold and cough, body ache, slight pain during menses.
18-3-91 Mother came for to collect the medicine and explained that the patient is very upset that her family is against her suspicious she is jealous about her sister.
Worse consolation. Has not been out of the house for a month.
Worse from noise. Menses painful, weepy, thirstless.
3-6-91 Mother says she was temporarily better but then again was not fine mentally. Not talking. Remains aloof.
1-7-91 All skin eruptions gone.
26-8-91 Lot of scaly skin, itching, on scalp.
9-9-91 Same
15-592 Whenever there are an increase in skin eruptions Bacillinum helped the patient as there was P-H of TB, typical Tubercular constitution - weight 45 kgs, flat chested, fastidious, intelligent.
9-2-94 The eruptions reappeared once more after 2 years every winter Psorinum was interposed, as Kent has given only these two remedies on Page 1323

The whole of 1995 summer patient was in good health.

She is still worse from sympathy, prefers to be alone, talks less, desires salt.


Mezereum 30<br> FP + Sil 6
Mezereum 200
 and then 1 M and then 10M.
Bacillinum 200 (2)
Bacillinum 1M (2)
Bacillinum 10 M (2)
Pulsatilla 30
Natrum-mur 6
Natrum-mur 6
Bacillinum 10M (3)
Bacillinum 50M
 and then CM.
psorinum and petroleum
Nat-m 200 (2) given last.


Mrs. S L, age 23 years

  1. A known case of Psoriasis for the past 6 to 7 years.
    Now eruptions on the dorsum of the feet, toes, ankles elbows. Was on Homoeopathic treatment. Became pregnant in June 89. During pregnancy eruptions on feet, ankles, toes, hands, elbows, knees improved. After delivery again same complaint. Itching worse at night better hot application - discharging watery sticky fluid.
  2. Menstrual cycle is regular - 26 - 28 days cycle, flow for 4-5 days. One FIND - still nurses the 7 month old child.
  3. Hyperemesis for 3 months, car sickness since pregnancy.
  4. P-H - Nil, occasionally breathlessness on exertion and emotional excitement.
  5. F-H - Maternal side - Diabetes. Father - skin complaints, now better, Paternal side - skin complaints.
  6. Appetite - decrease; Thirst - 2 glasses a day.
  7. Stool- Urine - Normal; Sweat - Palms - cold and moist.
  8. Sleep - Dreams does not remember. Very occasionally, starts in sleep. Salivation (++).
  9. Sensitive, emotional, broods, cries easily - when alone, consolation ameliorates. Anticipation +.



9-10-91 Same, cracks heels
6-11-91 Skin better, no oozing, cracks better.
LMP - 25-10-91 no pain, flow.
11-12-91 No oozing, but itching and cracks present.
Cold and clammy palms and feet. Chilly. Stool
4-2-92 While at Bangalore the patient had a septic finger, for which antibiotics were taken.
The itching is better by hot application.
23-11-92 Pregnant. The skin complaints were better and she delivered a baby girl in June 93
6-10-93 Phone from Bangalore - new eruption on thumb.
17-1-93 No complaints.


Thuja 200 (2); SL
Puls 20 (3)
Psorinum 200 (3)
Nitric-acid 30
Sil 200 (3) and Ars-alb 30.
 was then increased till
CM potency - over which is very much better till 24-10-92
- Sil 200 (2) SL
- Silicia 200 

Silicia was selected as the patient was:

  1. Chilly
  2. Palms and Soles cold and clammy
  3. Lots of inoculations being given - a Naval Officers wife.
  4. Sensitive Anticipation aggravates sulphur was given as a final shot to remove any Psoric effects.



Mrs. J.K., age 33 years.

  1. Psoriasis - on hands, feet, breasts, and other parts of the body, since 15 years worse in winter, better summer, itching better warm application.
  2. P-H - Jaundice, vaccination - Inoculation - TABC etc.
  3. CBC - H - 10mg percent, WBC-6.5., N70 E21 M2
  4. F-H - Mother - Eczema, Psoriasis, Father-Asthma, sister - TB
  5. Menses - 8 months pregnant LMP - 7-4-83
  6. Premature graying of hair - uses hair dye.
  7. Appetite - Thirst - Stool - Urine - Normal
  8. Car, Bus, Swing aggravates - Motion sickness
  9. Cracks in the heels.

Treatment and Follow-up:


15-2-84 Eruptions slightly better; cracks heels painful.
2-4-84 Patient delivered; developed piles during pregnancy
31-3-86 Psoriasis same
5-4-93 Patient was better all this time, but being highly illiterate; uses whatever she likes on the skin; uses Kajal on the scalp.
3-5-93 Patient seen again in good health.


Psorinum 200 (3) SL
Petroleum 30
Kali-carb 30
Sepia 30.
 This remedy was steeped up to 200, 1M, 10M,50M + CM with excellent results.
Sepia CM (3)


Mr. S.K. aged 45 years came with

  1. Extensive Psoriasis since 1960 worse in Bombay, worse in winter, better summer. Has tried a number of remedies, as his sister is a nurse, Thirst - Normal
  2. Appetite - cannot wait for food
  3. P-H - Typhoid (twice) treated with modern medicine.
  4. F-H - Maternal uncle - Asthma, Maternal aunt - Asthma.
  5. Hot patient - bath always cold.
  6. Sweat +++
  7. Constipated
  8. Irritable

Treatment: The patient was treated with Sulph 200 to start with and finished withSulphur CM. He started treatment in 87 and finished in 1991, because of irregular attendance and happy-go-lucky nature.


Mst H.K. aged 5 years

  1. This is the same child which has born when the mother approached me for her skin eruptions. Patient had developed eruptions for the last 7 months left armpit, left chest, right groin, back, scalp. Discharge of flakes. No itching, applies Betnovate.
  2. Stool - Occasional constipation.
    Urine - Normal
    Appetite - Normal, Thirst - +
  3. Patient desires banana, ice-cream etc which gives cold.
  4. Sweat - +++ like father.
  5. P-H - Measles, Inoculation (3+)
  6. F-H- Parents - Psoriasis, also maternal grandmother - Psoriasis
  7. Hot patient, patient takes bath - lukewarm, likes fan.
  8. Stubborn and short tempered.

Treatment: 16-11-89 - Thuja 200 (3). It was followed by Sulph 200 to 10M with excellent results.


Mrs C, age : 46 years

Her husband is a doctor, in Government service; in a very high position, and has consulted various allopathic specialists and also some prominent Homoeopathic Physicians in Calcutta.

  1. Patient has Psoriasis - mostly on palms + soles and also some parts of the body; cracks, skin.
  2. She has Tinea of the nails of feet as well as the hands.
  3. P-H - Giardiasis, colitis (now under control) with loose stools, 2-3 day even now, amoebiasis; vaccinated - 15-20 times, also TABC.
  4. F-H - Mother - Hypertension, Tinea nails, peptic ulcer.
  5. Menses - menopause since 1 year - 2 FTND 1 child died 72 hours after birth.
  6. Sleep - occasionally dreams of dead persons, mother; shouts in sleep.
  7. Motion sickness, worse in merry-go-round, worse in a giant wheel.
  8. It seems that the skin condition is worse after death of the child with profuse bleeding.
  9. Obese - weight 70 kgs.

I may state in the beginning that this patient was under my treatment for about 10 years. Being out of Bombay during emergency allopathic treatment with steroids and even injection were taken. She belonged to Calcutta and used to take treatment there also.

She used to fast during Puja days and as her feet used to get wet on this occasion, relapse were common. One remedy and one dose does not work as some champions claim. Readers are requested to consider all these points.

Treatment and Follow-up:


19-10-78 Thuja 10M (3) doses were given over which she gradually improved and it was stepped upto CM, with good result.
14-4-79 Better and has put on weight. Constipation
Cracks on soles and in webs of fingers.
12-5-80 Seen again, skin better but cracks persist;
cars, bus etc still upset her.
7-9-91 Skin better but patient very upset due to Fathers death.
5-10-82 Patient better, but menopausal flushes trouble her; heat in head, palms, soles; shouts in sleep.
4-1-85 Her husband has retired and now in Bombay, she is again worse, constipated, cracks sticky discharge.


Graphites from 30 till CM was given with which she was better by 90 percent
Petroleum from 200 to CM was given
Ignatia 10M few doses was given.
Sulph 200, 1M, upto 10M was given with good result.
Graphite CM. 3 doses, it was repeated when necessary, which finally settled the matter.


Master K F K; age 8 years

  1. Since last 4 years. Eruption was on the buttocks, forearms and legs.
  2. Patient had mosquito bites, which became septic. Cortisone ointment and cortisone tablets were given, but later on Psoriasis started. Tarsolon given.
  3. Lots of cracks in the soles and oozing, sticky fluid from the buttocks and oozing in summer, but dry in winter.
  4. Hot patient.
  5. P-H - allergy to penicillin and Sulpha drugs, Eosinophilia, Tonsillectomy, Primary vaccination + Triple given, Measles, Mosquito-bite allergy, boils, Fungal infection - ears.
  6. Constipated Urine - Normal Sweat ++
  7. A Homoeopathic Doctor had given him Sulphur and Kali Mur upto CM
  8. F-H - Maternal great grandmother - Cancer, Diabetes. Paternal great grandfather - Cancer. Maternal uncle - Asthma. Father - Cold, chronic bronchitis.
  9. Patient worse on a merry - go - round, giant-wheel
  10. Sleep sound, startles + talks in sleep.
  11. Stool report - E Histolytica + Giardia Lambia - Cyst.
  12. Urine - Calcium oxalates, RBC - 0.2.

Treatment and Follow-up:


12-3-79 23-3-79 Measles + bronchitis for which antibiotic given
24-4-79 Dry, ear dry, no discharge.
27-4-79 Better, still skin scratching.
3-5-79 Worse - Dogs scratch ATS given.
12-5-79 Better
20-6-79 Better
15-10-79 Scratching and sweat since a few days.
Silicia upto CM was given in intervals.
11-12-80 Was better, but now worse merry-go-rounds.
26-6-80 Had Typhoid for which Paraxine was given
Fever for 20 days, now better.
5-5-81 Again few eruptions
17-3-84 Better
only knees worse, few spots on buttocks
9-3-85 Was better, one spot on buttock and left knee, sweat ++, appetite ++, feels hot.
1-1-86 Occasional small patches on knees + buttocks.
Seen, skin very normal, frequent colds, h-o
chronic bronchitis in father.
7-12-92 Seen again, very much better only a patch on buttocks due to wearing a nylon pants


Thuja 200 (3) Sil 30
Thuja 200 (3) Sil 30 given
Thuja 1M (3)
Sil 200 (3)
Sil 1M (3)
Sil 1M
Sil 10M (3)
Chloromycetin 200 (3)

Better, very few eruptions, no medicine.
Silicia 1M (3)
Silica CM
Sulph 200 (3)

Sulph was continued up to 50M.
Bacillinum 200 (3)
Nylon 30.

He is now 21 years old and absolutely free from psoriasis.