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Case Study

A Wife Case Of Righteous Wife.
Vishpala Parthasarathy.
` Op / Nat-m / Sep / Kali-br / Staph.


Psoriasis, the literature says, is a psychosomatic skin disorder which relapses frequently and is a difficult condition to treat. With allopathy, control is possible only through steroids and complete cure is rarely achieved. Also the patient has to be under constant therapy.

Against this background, I give a case which I have been treating for the last 8 years in which there are complete remissions for long periods and that according to my allopathic brethren, is a major achievement by itself. These are the maximum results I have got. In all my cases of psoriasis I have not had a single case completely cured. Therefore, I was at first not willing to contribute any article to this issue till I discussed my problem with a few allopathic experts only to realise the importance of what had been achieved. I hope this, then will give encouragement to other colleagues, who like me had hitherto felt guilty at not finding the similimum. In Homoeopathy, we are so used to reading miraculous cures saying "I gave one dose and dramatically the complaint was cured in 2 weeks" that any case which does not fall in this category or any result which falls short of this makes the treating physician feel that he is useless and at fault.

My mother the late Dr. Sonawala, would always say "The Homoeopath is the most insecure creature in the world. He can never positively and confidently say I cannot treat such and such a case as I have no remedy for it. He constantly feels there may always be that magical similimum, lurking around, which in his own inadequacy he is not able to find". It is also possible that it is this insecurity which makes us so boastful. I am reminded of the oft repeated comment of our other medical colleagues "these Homoeopaths are the most egoistic and boastful lot, always claiming miraculous cures. What they claim must always be taken with a pinch of salt!" - this article is then a benign effort to right this image!

Today I recognize that if a psoriatic patient has been continuing treatment for 8-10 years then at least we have been successful in keeping it under control. Patients are nobodys fools; rather they are most fickle lot and think nothing of changing a doctor midway even when given excellent results. If they choose to continue, for so long it is certainly not to see my pretty face or to swell my bank balance, but because they are getting more benefit than they would with other systems of medicine. so even if we can keep the patient away from corticosteroids and are able to reduce the frequency and intensity of acute exacerbations and keep the disease under control with Homoeopathy, then it is a job relatively well done and we should have no hesitation in taking credit at that level too.

CASE 1: The Laughing Joker

Mr. A.S. 34 years old, came to me an 7-11-87 for psoriatic patches. He has Psoriasis all over his body except the face. The skin peels, with itching but there is no discharge. Affected areas: elbows, around nails, ears, soles, head. Worse in the winter and monsoon, draft, in an air conditioned room and better in warmth.

It all started in July 1987 when he was robbed of his whole salary of Rs.5000 while travelling in a train. He was numbed and in a state of shock and could not react. He sat for half an hour on the platform. Then he shook off himself, went to the police station and lodged a complaint after which he went home and slept.

Past History: He had typhoid fever in Oct 1988. The fever was worse between 2-3 P.M. associated with swelling of feet, pain, and inability to walk. P-H Chicken Pox and Jaundice.

Personal History:

Easy ecchymosis, moles and ribbed nails
Craves - sweets, salt and cigarettes.
Sleep - Good. Grinding of teeth during sleep.

Life Situation:

Mind - irritable, broods, weeps, likes to be alone. Has only few friends. As a child he had a very forgetful nature. Stammers occasionally.

His father is aged 77 years and mother 70. He has three brothers aged 38, 30 and 25 years. He has 3 daughters aged 7, 4, and 1 year. His father is irritable and dominating. In 1938 the company in which he worked for closed down (10 years ago). So he joined another company in Vapi as a typist. The patient stays in Vapi and comes once a month for treatment.

The treatment was started with Opium 200 (7-11-87) and then 1M (6-2-88) to take care of the factors by shock, fright and inability to react to the situation. His skin stayed clear for 1 month then in April and again in May he developed Enteric fever. He had fever with headache worse in day and in the sun. Nat-mur 200 given for this complaint.

In Dec 88 he started itching on scalp. Nat-mur 200 was repeated.

In Mar 90 (after a free interval of 3 months) again itching. Psorinum 1M one dose was given. He remained free of skin trouble till winter. Total free period in 1988 was 6 months.

At other times skin had no complaints. Clear except for the month of Sept. when it was on the elbow. Till 1993 Dec he had taken allopathic treatment only twice in 6 years.

In Dec 93 his father died. HIs way of relating this was peculiar. He laughed while taking of his fathers death. Also he talked loudly and stammered.

He was given Hyoscyamus 1M and then 10M. The patient is now transferred to Delhi and Psoriasis is currently under control.

I am not taking this as a cured case, but one which required no Allopathy for 8 years and is now at an acceptable level of disease only active 3 months in a year. But I welcome suggestions of remedies for this case.

CASE 2: The Righteous wife

You will recollect the first case discussed in the Neurosis Editorial when the case was only under treatment for about 2 months (in Aug 95 11-8-95). Since it is now 5 months and patient 85 percent better and also this is a psoriasis issue I think I should give you the follow-up.

Her pent-up anger and worry about her husband came out in the skin - psoriatic patches all over knees, legs and elbows which spread from right to left with tremendous itching, burning and bleeding. The skin was thick and silvery. Other minor complaints were headache and giddiness.

Patient as a Person: (see chart)
Craving - Pickles, Salt (3), Sour (3) Warm (3),
Weight - 56 kgs Height - 5 feet and 5 inches.
Menses - 5-30. Sex is zero as she dislikes her husband.
Mentals: With Homoeopathy her anger as discussed in Neurosis issue, is under control and erupted only three months later when her mother-in-law taunted and husbands gambling debts made many undesirable elements and dregs of society to come home to collect debts. This she felt was dangerous for her is only 12 years old and vulnerable. She was like a tigress protecting her young ones - she fought and tooth and nail with her husband. Somehow this made an impact on both the mother-in-law and her husband and things are comfortable.

Evolution: (see structure)

Treatment and Follow-up:
27-6-95 11-7-95 Elbow better, Dryness better.
Right leg better. But upset with her husband
18-7-95 Mind better even husband commented on her peaceful attitude.
8-8-95 A couple of new patches.
22-8-95 Had fever 104 for which she took allopathic treatment.
Analysis: The major fight about undesirable people at home.
7-11-95 Better (3+). the skin complaint is 85 percent better and have some normal patches. Elbows small patches.
There was an overall improvement.
Kali-brom 1M one dose.
Staph 1M one dose
Kali-brom 1M 2nd dose
Kali-brom 1M 3rd dose
Staph 1M 2nd dose.