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Case Study

Kali-Carb Fighting Friend.
Gautam Kamat.
Materia Medica.
` Kali-c.

This is a case of a forty year old woman who has Psoriasis on both palms and soles.

They were five sister and three brothers, from a middle class Gujarati family with a happy childhood. The patient did not have any children but looked unconcerned and quite happy-go-lucky.

During the interview, her younger sister who accompanied the patient seemed more concerned about the patients health. She discussed the case with more interest, requesting me to give her sister the best medicine to get quick relief, since her sisters itching was very severe and no medicine in the past had given her any relief.

(This younger sister once suffered from severe backache due to PID which responded to Causticum 1M). The patient sat quiet, looked timid and shy, But her sister described her nature as talkative and jovial at home and familiar people.

I gave her Calc-carb 10M one dose followed by SL. From next time she started coming alone to my clinic but always after a phone call. She would speak to me in Marathi, would ask if I recognised her voice or not? But when she would meet me personally she always spoke in Hindi.

First follow-up - Feeling better

After a couple of follow-ups she was less shy and spoke freely: would inquire about my family members, and discuss several topics like movies and politics.

I repeated Calc-carb 10M dose after fifteen days followed by SL and she always said she was better. But after almost one years treatment her patches were the same. I gave Calc carb 50 M one dose in fifteen days for next three months. Each time she would say that she is better but patches did not disappear. So I paid more attention. I noticed that her way of taking was as if she is quarrelling. She would many a times argue on small points. She had invited our family to see her newly furnished house and since we could not make it she became angry.

I understood then that she had become dependent on me as her doctor and felt better even when I gave her wrong medicine.

This is the theme of Kali-carb, Phataks Materia Medica says about Kali carbs mind "Quarrels with ones bread and butter, his family," meaning quarrels with a person who is as important to him as bread and butter is or quarrels with a person who earns bread and butter for him, a person on whom he is very much dependent.

Clarkes Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica says about Kali-carb mind "Changeable humour, at one time evincing mildness and tranquility, at other time passion and rage".

I gave her kali-carb 10M one dose followed by SL. Within a month almost all patches disappeared only to recur after 6 months. I repeated one more dose of Kali carb 10M then and another dose one year later when there was very a mild recurrence. Since then for past two years there is no recurrence.

"Company desire for, yet treats them outrageously" - is one symptom exclusive to Kali-carb. (Synth Rep. Vol.I).