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Case Study

Psoriasis cured with Arsenic alb.
Mishra S C.
` Variol / Morbil / Typhoid / Thuj.

Mr D P aged 32, came to me for treatment of his Psoriasis which he had been suffering from for the last 5 years. He was quiet, mild, peace loving and submissive. He was generally in good health and had no other trouble except this embarrassing skin disease. He complained of aggravation in every winter.

P-H - Chicken pox, measles in early childhood, typhoid once after marriage. Has been vaccinated as usual in childhood without any ill effects. There was no history of Psoriasis on parents side.


There was no specific modality except that the itching was relieved by heat. On this particular modality, I prescribed one dose of Arsenic-alb 200 with some SL for a week. He reported some relief. His skin seemed to be clearer. After a month he reported that the eruptions were coming up again as before. He had no other symptoms, either physical or mental. With a view to eradicating the ill effects of this past illness. I prescribed one dose of each of the following nosodes -

Typhoidinum 200 Variolinum 200
Morbillinum 200 Thuja 200

He was asked to report after 15 days. Though he looked cheerful, his Psoriasis, as I expected, did not show much improvement. He was given 4 doses of Arsenic-alb 200 to be taken every week and to report again after 60 days. This time when he came I was surprised to see that the skin lesion had cleared completely. I asked him to wait and report to me after 3 months. The improvement lasted and he did not need any other medicine. Six years have elapsed, and he has needed no repetition.


This case moved me. I am also treating some other patients for Psoriasis but they are not responding so well to the best possible treatment, including their constitutional remedies. So what might be the factor which had triggered off the curative process in this case without any constitutional treatment?

One day when I was reading the materia medica on Thyroidinum which I wanted to prescribe to another Psoriasis patient, I came across Dr. Clarkes account. "I permanently cured a case of myxoedema with Ars. high, before the Thyroid method was introduced. Arsenic has been found to be a normal constituent of the Thyroid gland". (Clarkes M M, p 1439). Perhaps this patient had some nutritive dysfunction of the Thyroid gland manifesting primarily in his skin phase which was set right by Arsenic thus rendering him free from Psoriasis.