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Case Study

Three Cases.
Farokh Master.
` Pertussin / Merc / Sulph / hecla / Ars-a / Ars-i / Carb-v. 
Case 1:

Master M aged 3 years in 1987, (now 12 years) only son of an MD, was brought to me with the following complaints: Continuous crying from the age of 4 months onwards. Holds breath for a long time. Frequent colds after monthly whooping cough (Triple vaccine was given) with fever. They suspected Diptheria and anti-diptheritic serum was given. Afterwards sneezing, catarrhs, followed with enlarged tonsils. Worse at night, wants to cover, very obstinate - cries for a long time. Had convulsions once after long crying spell. Eruptions rough, scaly on forehead and axilla. Both father and mother being Doctors did not like to give antibiotics and steroids too frequently.

4-7-77 - Pertussin 200, one dose at bedtime. 5 days later Merc-sol 30-45 doses 3 times per day.
26-7-77 - Feels better. Merc-sol 30-30 - M-E
9-9-77 - Slight cold. Merc-sol 0-3-30 - 3 times per day.
22-9-77 - Was better, but now eruptions are worse in forehead and in axilla. Sulphur 0-3-30 - M-E.
3-10-78 - Small eruptions on face which are red and rough. Wants to cover the body. Feels chilly. Psorinum 0-3-30 - M-E.
20-10-78 - Feels better. Psorinum 0-3-30 M-E
10-2-82 - Small eruptions on forehead. Psorinum 0-3-30 M-E.
6-9-83 - Was better, but eruptions on scalp after eating Psorinum 03-30 M-E.
2-1-86 - Feels better. Stye in right eye. Eruption in axilla, agg. during winter. Feels chilly Psorinum 0-3-30 M-E.
18-11-86 - Feels better. Psorinum 0-3-30 M-E.

Father had adopted Homoeopathy and he is prescribing in 35 percent of his cases with good success, but he has obsession with Psorinum and psoriasis.

Case 2:

Mr. B aged 35 came to consult for Psoriasis Universalis of 12 years standing. Scaly patches all over the body, but most in both extremities. Thick scab formation on scalp also. Itching with bloody oozing. At times pustular discharge, i.e., secondary infections. Itching agg. by dust, fertilizers, also in winter and at night. Loss of sleep. Feels depressed due to itching and loss of sleep. Irritable. Frequent colds with sneezing and blocking of nose, Agg. in the evening. These complaints are better after Psoriasis. Hardness of hearing - both ears. Saliva tastes bad. P-h - Scabies in childhood.

Heat agg, Better in monsoons. Sleep agg.

30-12-81 - Gunpowder 0-1-60 M-E due to secondary infection and bleeding.
29-1-82 - Feels better, thickness of the skin better. Gunpowder 0-1-60 M-E
17-6-82 - Eruptions with itching, but better than before. Cough with blocking of nose and sneezing. Ars-iod 0-3-60 M-E.
27-6-83 - Was better, sneezing cough, suffocation, loss of sleep, difficulty in breathing agg night time. Ars-iod 0-3-60 M-E.
3-10-83 - Ars-iod 0-3 was continued and was better for asthmatic breathing, sneezing and eruptions.
15-7-85 - Pain in abdomen, loose motion and vomiting after taking some meat preparation. Ars-alb 0-3-45, 3 times.
15-8-86 - Feels better, eruptions better, Ars-alb 0-3-60 M-E and it was continued upto 11-9-86 with remission of all skin complaints except in the legs which are smooth with occasional itching. Thickness has reduced.
2-2-87 - Gastric complaints with distension. Slight itching in the legs. Carbo-veg 0-3-60 M-E.

Case 3:

Master B, aged 11 years came with Psoriasis. First started at 3 years of age as a small eruption on the legs, gradually spread to whole body. These small eruptions had red bases covered by scales. At some places they joined together by indurated edges. These eruptions started during the treatment for primary complex with streptomycin. It was thought to be the reaction of streptomycin but later it was confirmed to be Psoriasis. Agg. winter, night. Used external applications - Bactale, Deresalic etc. Now eruptions started on the scalp which suppurate and strong external ointments relieve to some extent.

Had Primary complex at 10 months of age, and was given 60 injections of Streptomycin, followed by Isokin and Ethambutol tablets for 1 1-2 years. Now occasional chest pain and cold attacks.

F-H. Mother, with a touch of T B, Rheumatism.
Father - Tinea.
Wants cold bath, sleep better, desires fish. Mentally forgetful, irritable, obstinate.
12-2-86 - Ars-iod 0-3-60 M-E.
6-3-86 - Cracks with bleeding in the lesions with itching. Ars-iod 0-3-60 M-E.
7-4-86 - Itching severe, agg at night time. No oozing. Eruptions more on gluteal region. Fearful, Ars-alb 0-3-60 M-E.
14-5-86 - Feels better. Itching better. Eruptions have subsided. Ars-alb 0-3-60 M-E.
28-6-86 - Eruptions are better. Scalp eruptions subsided. Ars-alb 0-3-60 M-E.
8-8-86 - Occasional headache. Skin symptoms subsided from scalp, body and legs. Slight roughness in legs. Ars-alb 0-3-60 M-E.
29-9-86 - Feels better, occasional itching. Ars-alb 0-3-60 M-E.
6-12-86 - Headache at times. Skin clear. Uses Olive oil. Ars-alb 0-3-60-M-E.