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Case Study

The Reverse Is Also True.
Chetna Shukla.
` Elaps.

All classical Homoeopaths have in their practice, often verified the statement, "that the childs similimum can be arrived at by understanding the mothers state of mind during pregnancy" or "the childs similimum can be at times the same as that of the mothers". But this case which I go to present proved the reverse to me.

This lady with "virgin" psoriasis of the palms, approached me for Homoeopathic treatment on 15-9-94. (Virgin since the lesions were untouched by allopathic formulas).

After the first interview I was not confident but prescribe Naja which I gave in the 1000. To my utter joy the lesions disappeared but she complained of epistaxis which was never experienced by her before. So I reviewed the case and changed the prescription to Crot-c 200 after the lesions re-appeared. With Crot-c the lesions ceased to bleed and crack on scratching. But they persisted, so I waited for 3 months expecting a change in the state of mind of the patient which was as follows: (in patients words).

"Doctor I have a lot of financial tension. In the past I used to manage a canteen in a school which gave me financial stability but now as the school canteen has closed down it has increased my worries. Doctor! I want to send my son to a military school for his S S C but due to tight finances, I am very much tense at present. I have managed to pay quite a lot of the amount but there is yet a balance which I have to pay. I am the only earning member in the family and my husband does not contribute to the finances of the house. Previously we were very well off but because of his obstinacy we had to come and stay in the chawl. My husband was working in the capacity of an engineer in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Trombay but he decided to invent a new motor. Therefore he left his job and started a factory with a partner, but it did not run as well as expected and so to pay off the debts we had to sell our flat which was an wedding gift from my father and come to live in a chawl. I felt very dirty living in the chawl at that time".

"I invested some money in a flat under construction but as we could not attend the last meeting with the builder, he sold it without our knowledge and when we realized it, it was too late to do anything about it and we had to settle permanently in the chawl".

"I felt very dirty living in the chawl as the people residing there are un-cultured, talk in a loud voice and use dirty words. I feel very dirty but I cannot do anything about it so I occupied myself with work and in my free time I perform my poojas. I keep myself occupied with work so that I do not get any free time to mix with the people of the chawl. I also did not allow my children to mix with the other chawl children".

"Doctor I get up at 4:00 A.M. everyday for my puja and if I do not say my prayers everyday, I feel quite bad; and in case I cannot say my prayers on a particular day I stay up at night to complete it".

"I feel that because of my husbands Obstinacy children suffering and seeing such bad days my contribution financially by giving tuitions would help. Of late I constantly feel that I want to leave Bombay and go to the village or go to a temple and sit there in order to get away from the noise and the crowd of the city".

"Now I hate Bombay mainly because of the crowd and the noise around. During the time my husband was suffering losses in business, I used to feel that someone has put some spell on our family and I had gone to a priest and he had confirmed my suspicions. He told me that some of my husbands enemies had put a spell and he told us to dig up a particular spot in the factory from which we recovered some materials of black-magic, some lemons and kum-kum powder; also the clothes kept in our cupboard would become wet or some dust may be found on them. We then performed a puja to nullify the curse and then such things stopped happening".

"At that time I used to constantly fear that something might happen either to me or my husband and I could not stay alone in the house. I always needed someone. The fear was more at night and I slept with the lights on, fearing something might happen in the dark".

Q : What dreams do you get?


  1. I see lot of water either a big ocean or a lake but something to do with water.
  2. I see animals a) horses and b) Snakes of which I used to dream about very often especially during the period of the spell that someone had put on our family. I used to see snakes which were either brown or black.
  3. I see my relatives who are now dead.

Q: Which weather can you tolerate better?

Ans: I can tolerate all weather but I love the rainy season.


While she was narrating her desire to leave Bombay and the city life and settle in her native village for the rest of her life, the symbolic dream of her daughter, aged 23, of - seeing herself sitting all alone in a cave with a feeling of calmness was recalled. I had treated the daughter successfully for menorrhagia with Elaps.

The significance of the daughters dream gave me the similimum for the mother and I decided to give the mother also Elaps 1000.

The other symptoms that were considered are:

  1. Desire cavern, to be in
  2. Fear of rain.
  3. Company aversion to, avoids the sight of people wants to get into country away from people.
  4. Alone aggravates while company amel; happen, as if something horrible might at night.
  5. Fear of being alone.
  6. Fear something will happen.
  7. Travel desire to.

Elaps is a snake found in marshy places. She dreams of water and hence the attraction for rains.


Within a fortnight after the remedy the lesions disappeared with a remarkable change in mind symptoms. The desire to go to the village was implemented by her not as the only way out but as a healthy acceptance of it as a solution to the existing problems. There were no regrets about having to leave Bombay.