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Case Study

A Case of Cuprum-ars 
Prabha Patwardhan.
` Cupr-ar.

This case was held over from Cancer issue as it was received late.

In Feb. 1990 one of my old patients requested me to prescribe for her 79 years old father. He lived in Goa; and refused to come to Bombay. He had Cancer of the stomach.


  1. Loss of appetite for 3 months. Barium meal showed cancer antrum of the stomach. Confirmed by gastroscopy.
  2. Choking with dry food, liquids no trouble. Easy satiety and constipation. No pain. Losing weight and very weak.
    Aversion - Veg (3+), Shell fish
    Craving - Fatty food, meat, sweets, well salted food. Very thirsty (3+)
  3. Calculus in the Right Kidney with hydronephrotic changes and diabetes.

Physical Generals - Desires open air +++. Aversion to sun. Wanted the fan. Prefers cold weather. Bath warm. Does not like wearing too many clothes. Most of the time he wears only a vest and shorts.

He has lived all his life in Goa with his wife and 2 daughters. He worked in the navy as an engineer for 33 years, mainly in the engine room. Had been vaccinated for small-pox several times.

Constitution - He was tall, well built and always enjoyed good health. He was proud of his good health. After retirement he had 2 heart attacks and diabetes. He smoked and drank alcohol daily.

Mentals - Hot tempered. Hated visiting doctors. Very restless. He couldnt sit still at all. He liked to work with his hands all the time. He liked to help his wife with household chores like chopping vegetables, grinding masala, polishing brass etc; liked to have every thing in place. No one could touch his things. Very tidy and fastidious.

He was unable to take any stress, he would just sit and cry +++, like a baby and his greatest fear is that if something happened to his wife, what would happen to him.

He was very suspicious and wary of strangers. He only talked to people whom he knew. If any stranger came to the house he would not talk to them. He had strong likes and dislikes, but didnt trust doctors or dentists mainly.

When he heard he had cancer, he just cried like a baby. Cant take any illness, always cries like a baby.

He was superstitious, and had a fear of black magic.
Fear of medical tests. Fear of flying (3+). Fear of being alone.
At first Thuja 30-3 doses and SL.
2 weeks later Ars-iod 30-3 doses and SL.
Since there was no change, the case was restudied.


  1. Weeping after slight emotion CUPR
  2. Weeping from despair CUPR-AC
  3. Weeping like a child CUPR-AC, ARS-ALB
  4. Suspicious CUPR, ARS
  5. Fear of strangers CUPR
  6. Restlessness CUPR-ARS, CUPR-AC, CUPR, ARS
  7. Fastidious ARS
  8. Fear of being alone ARS

Cuprum-ars was selected from the above analysis.
Cuprum-ars 30 - BD 2 days and SL.
2 weeks later Cuprum-ars 200 BD 2 days and SL.
4 weeks later: Appetite better. Emotionally better.
Cuprum-ars 1M BD for 2 days.
8 weeks later: Active; blood sugar normal. Gen better.
Cuprum-ars 1M - 1 dose.
10 weeks later: Good stool. Can walk, climb up. Eats well. He has gained weight - emotionally better.
7 months later: Joint pains. Keeps well.
Kept well for 3 years with occasional doses of Cuprum-ars 1M. Then diabetes got very bad. Cancer recurred and he died 6 months later at the age of 82 without much suffering.