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Case Study

A Case of Acute Otalgia
Dr Sunil Anand.
` Elaps

A middle aged lady came to see me with complaints of severe piercing pain in both the ears (more in right ear), since the last 15 days. Allopathic drugs had given no relief. The area around the ear was hot and inflammed and tender to touch. There was distress on her face.

Life Situation:
She terribly missed her maternal home in Pakistan and anything associated with it would bring back memories of the past. To make matters worse, the current political situation, did not permit her an easy travel between the two countries. Communication via telephone was not very easy. She was envious of the fact that her husband could spend so much time with his parents here.

Among her interests she mentioned an intense liking for gardening. After her marriage her husband got a job transfer and they had to move to a place on the outskirts of Bombay. There she had a big lawn and a lot of plants. She missed her maternal home but she tried to forget her sorrow by tending to the garden and playing with her children.

Even today during the childrens school vacations, she longs to go back to those surroundings.

She has a strong craving for cold drinks but avoids them as she feels a sense of coldness in her chest and stomach after taking cold.

Past history:
Of acute septic tonsillitis which presented as pain on swallowing and extreme foul smell from the mouth.

Rubrics were selected-

  1. Country desires for - SRI 187
  2. Playful, desires to play in the grass (Materia Medica of DR. M.L. Agarwal)
  3. Homesickness - SR 1576
  4. Stomach coldness, after cold drinks KR 482

Elaps was selected. The materia medica also confirmed the affinity of Elaps for ear complaints.
Elaps 200 single dose was given and she responded well.

The case underlines the importance of including the mental symptoms in any case including a case of acute emergency. A true Hahnemannian physician cannot but help keeping this in mind, while coming to the similimum.