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Case Study

A Couple of Cases
Dr Sarla Sonawala.
` Aran-d / Myris

Case 1:
If Oyster Cant, Will Spider Oblige?

Mr. NS, 35, BSc., married since 9 years. Business of steel supply.
C/C: Heel pain since 1 year worse by standing, walking. Better by rest and heat. Diagnosis: Calcaneal spur
O/C: Right knee-joint - pain worse first motion and better by heat.

Physical Features:
Ht. 5-8", Wt. 67 Kg. Skin-dark H/O easy suppuration. Sweat - Neck, axillae worse in summer. Stains yellow. Teeth-dark streaks, gums-detached. Tongue-dry, thick, slightly coated. Desire: Spicy, salt, tea. Averse: Milk, fat, sour. Stool - One on rising. If delayed, not "clear". Reaction to heat and cold: C2H.

Mental State:
Introvert, calm and tolerant, reserved, likes company of known people and wants to be alone when sad. Anxiety about business.
A good student, did BSc. Interested more in business. He started his own business of steel-supply. Successful yet wants to make progress. Married, has a son of 8. Wife - anxious and timid. Used to take part in sports in college days, now no time. Sole interest in business. Spends money easily.
P/H : Chicken-pox
F/H : M - OA, F - Angina

As Calc-fl is almost a specific for calcaneal spur, action on joints, together with cold body and cool mind, also a good complement to suppurative Silica. I gave Calc-f 30 daily 2 doses on 8-12-93. Also gave Rhus-tox, when knee-joints were more painful, on 10-1-94, with relief.

On 18-1-94, the report was not encouraging. Heel-pain: Same. remembered a spider remedy given years back to a patient in college OPD, with good results. Boericke gives only one remedy "Heels Os calcis, pain - Aran" I gave, hesitantly, Aranea-diadema 30, daily twice.

On 4-2-94, the report stated; Heel pain 20 percent better, I continued same medicine. On 22-2-94, the pain was better by 70 percent, intensity much less. Can walk more.

On 30-3-94, pain better by 90 percent And let me add a few lines to my "The Song of Spiders" in "Spider Issue" of NJH.

Aranea Diadema - the garden spider, why called "Papal Cross".
What has poor spider to do with
Pope and his Cross?
I would rather celebrate its modality-tripartite
Its Cedron-like periodicity, sycotic intolerance of cold and damp.
Most interesting modality be relief
from smoking
Be it headache-toothache-heartache, liver, fever or quiver
ARANEA obliges one and all as it
did the Calc-spur.
So the wise say "Man with a
pipe seldom quarrels with his wife".

Case 2:

It was in 1954, I was then a student of Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College. As the final examination approached nearer I was busy preparing for the exam. Just a few days before, the nail of my right first finger pricked and then swelled red, painful to the slightest touch.

Unheeded by the timely intervention of Hepar-sulph 30 every 4 hours - the angry red spot showed a thick white line of suppuration along the edge of the nail, and the pain went wild and mad. In real panic, I started to practise writing with my left hand for my ensuing exam. HEPAR repeated.

Enough was enough. Next day I showed my finger to our revered teacher late Dr. B.K. Bose. As was his style, he rolled his stub of pencil around and round while pondering over my plight. Few minutes of rolling the pencil inspired him with a remedy I had not heard of. Myristica 6, to be taken in 6 hourly doses.

Twenty-four hours and four doses of magical Myristica 6 wiped off the white and red of my finger, subsided the swelling, though slight prick persisted to leave its memory. The best part of the woeful tale of whitlow was that I could write in all papers, legibly - and mind, with my right hand!


That was my first introduction to this rare, wee-little remedy that surpassed highbrow Hepar in its excellent service to my little whitlow. Time and again, it has proved to be a trusted lieutenant in suppurative process of varied kinds!