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Case Study

My Experience With Rare Remedies
Dr Sandeep Puri.
` Phell / Pix-l / Arund / X-ray / Uva-u / Prun

Case 1
A lady aged 42 years was suffering from pain in right breast extending through to back. She was having H/O Tuberculosis. Her temperament was irritable, bowels alternate with constipation and diarrhoea.

I prescribed her Phellandrium 30 tds for 5 days. When she came after five days she said "Is it Homoeopathy?" I asked what happened? She said she felt better after 3 doses. It is evident from this that it is a wrong notion among people that Homoeopathy heals slowly.

Case 2
A woman aged about 36 years, unmarried, was suffering from eruption only on back of hands. She came to me after consulting many other homoeopaths.

I gave her only SBR for 15 days. After 15 days she was feeling better. I prescribed again SBR for 7 days. She came with no change. Now I prescribed her Pix-liquida 30 for 7 days BD; she felt better. Eruption disappeared totally after 1 month. Pix-liquida 30 was given continuously for 1 month.

Case 3
A boy aged 10 years, was suffering from itching of nose, sneezing, itching of soft palate and headaches. He also had falling of hair.

On these above symptoms I prescribed Arundo 30 TDS for 7 days. After which he was feeling much better. The medicine was repeated for 15 days. Now he has recovered with no more itching of headaches.

Case 4
A young man aged 21 years was suffering from obstruction of nose, sneezing, lachrymation and sometimes there was cough.
I asked for a para nasal sinus X-ray. The X-Ray showed enlargement of Inferior turbinates.

Only on the basis of the report I prescribed Sanguinaria-nitrica 30 TDS for 15 days and after 15 days the obstruction of nose and sneezing were better. The same medicine was repeated again for 1 month tds. and he felt much better.

Case 5
A lady, 40 years old, came to me for treatment of urticaria without itching. Pain in abdomen after urination. Urine was rusty in colour.
I advised her R/E of urine. The report showed Pus cells, RBCs etc. On the basis of report I prescribed Uva-ursi 30 TDS for 2 days. After 2 days she was feeling better; then I gave her Sac lac bd for 15 days.

After 15 days the urine was tested again and was found normal. The patient was also in good health.

Case 6
My aunt was suffering from severe headache with pain in eyes as if they would burst. She was taking Dispirin, Saridon etc. Some Doctor diagnosed it as Migraine, some said it is concerned with tension. On further questioning I found she was suffering from constipation. Her body was smelling foul. She also took time to pass urine. On these symptoms, I gave her Prunus-spinosa 30 bd for 15 days. After that, till now, she has never had headache.