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Case Study

Dr Farokh Master.
` Ferr-i


  1. Weakness. Usually there is weakness in all Ferrums with perspiration.
  2. Easily flushed and heated.
  3. Aversion to stuffy rooms.
  4. Aversion to smoke. Strong aversion to tobacco and aggravation therefrom.
  5. Plump, obese individuals. Iodum are usually thin and emaciated but Ferrum-Iod is an exception.
  6. A remedy for hypertension.

Ferrum-Iod has a specific problem with the colon.
Very common In Ferrum-Iod (although not in all cases), there is a very strong tendency for bloating. Especially gas in the colon and belching. Everything seems to ferment and to create gas.
Like Lycopodium, China, Arg-nit and Carbo-veg.
They can have a strong diarrhoea and quite troublesome like Ferrum.

Food desires - Salty fish. The specific food craving for Ferrum-Iod.

The feet are so hot that they have to put them out of the covers. (Like Pulsatilla). A strong characteristic.


  1. Obesity
  2. Colitis and
  3. Flushes of heat.

On occurrence of these three in a case, keep Ferrum-Iod in mind.

Differential Diagnosis:
It can be difficult to differentiate it from Pulsatilla.
Flushy, heated. Ferrum-Iod can be even more like Pulsatilla than Ferrum because it is more warm blooded.
Hot feet.
Plump and obese
Aversion to stuffy room.
Aversion to and aggravation from smoke.

A 54 year old obese woman (86 kg) came for treatment of hypertension.
Chief complaints:
When the blood pressure rises, she feels pulsations in the ears and gets a red flush around the face and neck.
She was a known case of Hypertension and was on anti-hypertensive drugs.

Associated complaints - (P-H)

  1. Since hysterectomy, she has arthritis. It began in the right knee, then the right shoulder and hand. The pain is worse by cold and damp.
  2. Occasional headaches with flashes in front of eyes.

Appetite - good.
Desires - Cheese (3+), Ice cream (2+), Sweets, fats, eggs (2+)
Aversion - meat (2+)
Sleep - usually has a tired feeling and can fall asleep any minute. Sleeps on both sides and wakes up unrefreshed.
Thermal - Hot patient. Hates the sun.
Past history - Of heavy uterine bleeding for which a hysterectomy was done. History of tonsillitis.
Mind - She has fear of being a burden on her children and that she will have to depend on her children. Fear of thunderstorm and of strangers.

She is a widow and as a result feels very lonely. To console herself she eats a lot. Weeps easily. throughout her life her sexual drive was very low. It however did not bother her at all.

A history of heavy menstrual flow and hysterectomy plus arthritis in the right side of the body, more in the upper extremity is a good guide to Ferrum in general.

Ferrum-iod 30 was given.
Regular follow-ups later showed that she lost 15 kilos and felt full of energy. There was no more arthritic pain.