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Case Study

Manganum : My Understanding
Dr Farokh Master.
` Mang

Region: Inner ear, Larynx and Trachea, Periosteum and Blood.
Side of the body: Predominantly affects the Right side.
Aggravation - varies with the weather, touch, cold, damp, night.
Amelioration - lying down.
Leading Symptoms -
    Mentals - Anxiety better by lying down. "Anxious, apprehensive, fearful and restless but perfectly comfortable while lying. He gets up and the anxiety and restlessness come over him again" (Kent).
    Sadness - better by sad music. Likes to listen to classical music especially organ music.

Extreme soreness of bones (or every part of body) when touched. Chilly. Worse in cloudy weather.
Worse dry weather.
Worse night (especially in bones and joints)

Better by lying (all symptoms subside on lying down, especially the cough; tickling in the air passages).

Worse in cold damp weather (headache, deafness, chronic catarrhal dryness of nose, cough, hoarseness, loss of voice. ("Every cold rouses up a bronchitis" - Boericke).

Particulars - "Paralysis with inclination to run forwards if he tries to walk: (Clarke).

"Everything affects the ears" (Boger). "Pains extend and concentrate in the ears from other organs" (Clarke) (For example, paroxysmal cough from scratching the auditory canal) Itching in the ears from talking, from swallowing, from laughing or doing anything that brings the throat into operation.

Hardness of hearing as from stoppage of ears, better by blowing nose; worse or better according to change of weather. Deafness worse in damp weather.

Lying in feather bed worsens the asthma.
Anaemia. Pernicious anaemia.

"Bruises remain sore for a long time and Arnica fails to relieve" (Mathur).

Growing pains and weak ankles (Boericke).

Itching ameliorated by scratching. Chronic eczema and amenorrhoea; worse during menstrual period or menopause.

Rheumatism with glistening red swelling of the joints.

Desires - Beer (1+), Milk (1+), Sour milk (1+), Sour (1+).
Worse - cold food (2+), Coffee (1+), Cold drinks (1+)
Better - Hot food (2+), warm drinks (2+).

Better by lying down (mental and physical symptoms, except sore pains in the bones and joints); Sadness better by sad music; Soreness; Worse in cold damp weather; Everything affects the ears.

A Few Case Of Manganum
Case 1:
A 35 years old female, had Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB). She complained of irregular menses since past four months. There was a history of scanty menses. Menses were pale in color like meat washings. She also complained of vague rheumatic pains all over the body especially more on the right side. She desired sour food and had a recurrent sorethroat after drinking cold.

Thermally she was very chilly.
Manganum 30 three doses per week. The next week the patient got her menses and felt much better.

Case 2:
As a housephysician in the homoeopathic hospital, there was a case of subacute intestinal obstruction where the pain in the abdomen was better by lying down.

Manganum 200, 2 pills tds, was given and the patient was relieved.

Case 3:
A young singer of classical songs used to complain of severe irritation in the throat while singing with itching in the ears. This disturbed him very much. An ENT surgeon advised him a tonsillectomy. Manganum 30, 2 pills BD for 15 days was given. There was no more complaint thereafter.