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Case Study

Seven Acute Cases
Dr Balakrishnan E.
` Astac / Aral / Fago / Frax / Geran / Ooph / Ran-b

  1. Astacus-fluviatilis (Crawfish):
    Male, 40 years of age. Suffering from Jaundice, under treatment. Started getting severe intolerable itching all over the body, with rashes Urticaria like, Hep-sul did not relieve the itching.

    Astacus-flu - 6 every 3 to 4 hours for 2 days settled the problem remarkably well.
    In simple Urticaria too, this remedy has been tried in 2-3 cases and has given marvellous results.
  2. Aralia-racemosa:
    Patient waking up with Bronchospasm, with dry cough, on lying down around 11-12 in the night, after the first sleep, cough and restlessness.

    Aralia-r,3, 10 drop doses in water, every 1/2 to 1 hour relieved patient of the bronchospasm.
    This drug comes in useful in emergencies, in cases of Asthmatic Bronchitis.
  3. Fagopyrum:
    A lady patient aged 38 years reported with intolerable itching and scratching at the anus and on pubis day and night. There was no eruption at the site; had acrid leucorrhoea at times; itching relieved by cold application.

    Earlier she has been taking treatment from skin specialists and further for a period of 7 months Homoeopathic treatment as well, but with no improvement.

    At this stage, she was placed on Fagopyrum 30, TDS - for 4 days and then twice a day for one week.
    She is totally cured of the ailment and no relapse thereafter.
  4. Fraxinus-americana:
    A lady 45 years of age had a long history of uterine prolapse.

    A number of eminent Gynaecologists had given the verdict that all her complaints originated from the prolapse of the uterus and the only remedy was surgery - Hysterectomy. She had tried Homoeopathic treatment for about a year without effect.

    Her constitutional drug seemed to be Sepia. As such Sepia 10M was given at long intervals, 1 dose every 2 months in all 3 doses.

    Fraxinus-americana 10 Drops in water thrice daily, regularly.
    Patient was relieved of her complaints within a period of 3 months and after about 5 months, on examination by the Gynaecologist, prolapse of uterus was not there and the question of undergoing Hysterectomy ruled out.

    Patient keeping well till today.
  5. Geranium-maculatum:
    An 80 year old male patient, had a sudden bout of Haematemesis. Large quantities of blood was being vomited; blood clogged the air passages causing breathing problem. The patient was rushed to the nearest nursing home where emergency measures were taken like aspirating the blood clogging the air passages, giving oxygen, blood transfusion; etc.; the blood loss being about one litre within 2 days.

    Haemorrhage being controlled and condition of patient being stabilized, he was placed on the allopathic drug - Ocid as he was suspected to have gastric ulcers. All supportive measures of treatment continued.

    A Gastroduodenoscopy on the 4th day revealed Scars of healed ulcers on the anterior walls. Also superficial Duodenal Ulcer. Patient discharged on the 5th day to continue with strict diet restriction.

    A stool examination showed Occult Blood +++. Despite blood transfusions, Haemoglobin was 7 gm only.
    As the patient was keen on taking Homoeopathic treatment he was given next. Phos, 30 daily 1 dose, for 3 days. and Gera-mac 15 drops in water 4 times daily for 1 week; later reduced to 3 times a day.

    After three weeks of treatment, blood picture improved. Haem 10 gms percent. Occult blood seen in the stools report.

    Cooked soft rice and vegetable soup allowed in diet, besides milk and other fluids.

    Geran-mac was continued for 3 months. The patient remains well till today.

    References: Boericke P 898
    Haemoptysis, Ger_mac 2, Pho 2
    Kent P 53. Stomach ulcers Pho 2.
  6. Oophorinum (Ovarian Extract):
    A lady aged 35, with a child of 4 years came with complaints of acrid profuse Leucorrhoea with severe back-ache. Her menses were short and scanty with severe agonizing pains. Not conceiving.

    A check-up with Gynaecologist and detailed investigations including Sonography confirmed Multiple Ovarian cysts which accounted for her suffering. Allopathic treatment taken for some months.

    The patient took up Homoeopathic treatment subsequently. Thuja 10M, 2 doses - 12 hours apart given.

    After a week she was given Oophorinum 3X three times a day regularly for 4 menstrual cycles.

    Remarkable improvement seen progressively with marked relief of all symptoms. The sonography report after 4 months did not reveal the ovarian cysts.

    The patient also conceived and now has a second child. 
  7. Ranunculus-bulbosus:
    A male patient of 60 years had diabetes which was well under control with oral Anti-Diabetic drugs. He developed severe shooting, spasmodic and neuralgic pains, on two spots on the right leg; at the upper end of the thigh and around the knee. Patient seen having tight covering with woollen cloth over the right leg an shrieking with pain in agony. Analgesic injections, tablets, tranquilizers and all other methods of allopathic treatment for 4-5 days failed to give any relief whatsoever.

    At this stage, Homoeopathy treatment was resorted to:-

    Ranunculus-b 1000 1 dose every 4 hours gave immense relief.
    Ranunculus-b 1000 tds; given for further 4 days cured him of the complaint.

    Reference: Synoptic key - for drug picture. Pain in small spots (KR Pg 1378) - Ran-b. Stitching pain externally and internally (KR Pg 1385) - Ranunculus-b.