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Case Study

A Worm In The Throat.
Dr Falguni Khariwala.
` Cist

A male aged 59 yrs, came with severe cough on waking in the morning. He had to cough a lot before a tough expectoration could be raised. Then he felt better for a short while. Then the cycle repeated. He also complained of irritation in the throat and would sip water frequently.

Over a period of three months, different remedies were given which relieved him but temporarily. Cough was worse day and night and day by day it became so severe that even family members felt uneasy till he could raise sputum. He coughed so hard that it was feared that he would develop a hernia. In the meantime an ENT specialist prescribed him antibiotics right from Amoxin to the ones suggested by culture sensitivity of the sputum. This relieved him by 50 percent for about 15 days but again the same thing started. He developed fever 102 degree F with chest pain and day by day the cough was worsening. Once again the case was reviewed and the totality was taken. While talking to him he mentioned that he had irritation in the throat which made him cough. On further questioning he specified that the feeling was as if a worm was in the throat moving fast and compelling him to cough. This sensation was persistent and present before every bout of cough. Still he would keep a big glass of water by his side and drink sips of it frequently. When asked if he felt thirsty, he said, Not that way, but I feel better.

I searched various repertories for this sensation but nowhere could get the exact description given by the patient. Then I refered to H.A. Roberts - Sensation as if, and to my amazement the exact description was given under the chapter "throat" -

Throat - worms squirming in the throat, causing cough.
The only remedy listed there was Cistus-canadensis.
Phataks MM under Cistus - Worse taking cold, draft; better expectoration. Throat - dry spot in the throat better by sipping water.
In Herings Guiding Symptoms - Throat, hawking of mucus, cough, gum like, thick, tasteless, mostly in the morning.
So, Cistus-c 30 bd was started. Three hours after the first dose the fever came down and over the days his cough started improving and it disappeared completely in a few days.

Reprinted from Homoeopathy the Modern Medicine.