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Case Study

Angina? Homoeopathy Wins
Ranga Krishnan.
` Arn / Carb-v / Acon / Hyper / Calen / Ars / Ruta

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Editor: These cases were too late for inclusion in the Emergency issue. We have therefore published them in this Rare Remedies issue.

Case 1 May 1985
Seeing some commotion at my neighbours, I went over to see what had happened. My neighbour the patient, was very restless, complaining of pain in chest and feeling very uneasy. Gelusil did not give any relief. Knowing that he had a history of hypertension, and that the medicines for dyspepsia had not helped. I suspected Angina Pectoris.

Arnica 1m every 15 minutes (3 doses) was given and advised hospitalisation. When he reached there the pain was less. The ECG confirmed the mild attack.

Case 2 June 1986
My husband had a very severe attack of belching. They were very loud, associated with pain in the chest and profuse sweat that ran down the legs. He was also turning very blue. Carbo Veg 1m every 15 minutes did the trick and relieved him. The complaint has not recurred since then.

Case 3 April 1980
Mrs. V, a young lady in the 8th month of her pregnancy accidentally hurt her right toe by a stone. It was bleeding with agonizing pain. I cleaned the area well with Calendula Q, bandaged it with Symphytum Q and one dose of Aconite 1m was immediately given for the shock. It was followed by Hypericum 1m tds for one day and Calendula 1m tds the next day. By the sixth day the toe was nicely fixed, no scar and no pain.

Case 4
Mrs. N suffered from burns on her back due to spilling of boiling water. Urtica Urens ointment was given for local application and Ars-Alb 200 every fifteen minutes internally. After an hour as there was no sign of blister formation, I staggered the dose to tds for the next two days and the back healed well with no pain, no scar!

Case 5
Mr. R, an executive suffered from recurrent non-stop dry cough at 11 p.m. since the 12 years. The only peculiarity was that it would come annually, start suddenly, last of many days and stop suddenly (after 5 to 7 days). All clinical investigations were normal and every kind of remedy tried. No relief.

On further questioning he recounted a car accident 12 years ago. When he was driving his car he accidentally hit a tree, and on impact he was jammed behind the steering wheel for some time and was pulled out much later.

I immediately saw the connection. Boericke on Pg. 886 lists Ruta under chest affections injury to chest followed by phthisis. So I gave Ruta 200 for 2 days and the cough stopped after the third dose. It has never recurred.