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Case Study

Keynote Cases
Dr Anwar Ansari.
` Syph / Plb / Sil / Samb / Arn / Kali-i / Tab / Arn.

Case 1
Miss ST, 27 years, came on 28.5.92, for obstinate urticarial rashes since she was 6 years of age. She used to develop urticaria as soon as the sun started setting, with violent itching the whole night till sunrise. She also had a lot of hairfall. A single dose of Syphilinum 30 brought about complete relief within a week.

Case 2
One of the students brought his aunt from UP, to be admitted to Tata hospital for suspected Cancer of stomach. Apprehensive, she refused to undergo biopsy. Then he consulted me for her dilemma. Pain in the upper abdomen for 2-3 years, bloody vomiting with pain, loss of appetite and weight - could not eat anything, constant fever and pain. Colic was so severe as to cause severe convulsions. Hard pressure on abdomen somewhat gratified her. Pain accompanied by burning of rectum, fever and dark yellow urine with burning.

Considering the violence of the pains to the extent of causing convulsions I reckoned the theme centred in this PQRS. Also the relief from very hard pressure titled the balance in favour of Plumbum 200, a few doses of which promptly set her right. This was on 26.11.92. She has since then returned to UP and her nephew reports of her well being till date.
Rubrics:- generalities - Convulsions, colic during (Kent) Hard Pressure amel (BSK).

Case 3
A gentleman came on 13.5.93 for cough since 2 months. Has had Pneumonia twice last year. Cough comes from deep inside abdomen, on deep expiration - wheeze aggravated by leaning back, better stooping forward. Profuse perspiration with cough, more on head. Silica 200 was given without relief. Later Sambucus-n 200 few doses allayed the cough.
Rubrics : Exhalation Agg: BSK 22. Persp cough during: Kent P 1296.

Case 4
Mr. JZ came on 19.5.93, with Eczema of hands: 6 months; eruptions started on (R) Index finger, then spread to whole hand and 2nd great toe. Itching < scratching. Noteworthy symptom was that eruptions were identical on both hands & feet. Also the patient had an interesting mental make-up. He was as dull as a dodo and never said no to anyone for any work. He himself had no work but used to run errands for other to get milk, bread, payment of electric bills - in spite of the fact that he was doing his Diploma in Engg.

Arnica was prescribed in infrequent doses, first 200 then 1M which cleared the eruptions marvellously. He is following up on SL.
Rubrics: Symmetrical - BSK
Sensation as if good for nothing - Phataks MM

Case 5
Mr. MR aged 43 years came on 8.10.93 for tingling numbness of fingers and Itching since 1988 - he was under Homoeopathic treatment at Bombay Hospital and bombarded with Mag-phos / Rhus-t / Sec-cor/ Natrum / Nux-vom / Agar/ Arg-n / Merc-sol and a host of remedies repeatedly in high potencies for his Carpal Tunnel syndrome. He had extreme desire for sweets/salts/spices and aversion to sour. Numbness was < by fasting. But what was remarkable was the symmetrical distribution of his itching eruptions on elbows, ant and lat aspect of shin, on both sides. He is doing extremely well on a single dose of Kali-Iod 200 and still being followed up.

Case 6
Mrs. G. rang me on Sunday morning, to see her husband aged 40. He was in severe agony for the last 3 days due to a vesical calculi. Allopathy offered little relief. He was lying flat on the bed without any movement. Did not want a pillow under his head, could not angle himself as it caused severe nausea with sweating. Did not want his shirt on. Salivation increased.

The entry point was the rubric: Lying, horizontal position Amel - BSK pg 25.Tabacum 200 was given at 11 a.m. to be taken 2 hourly; to my utter surprise, out came the calculus before the 2nd dose.

Case 7
An elderly lady, about 65, was admitted to the College hospital for Hemiplegia as a consequence of a CVA 1.5 years back. She was admitted to KEM for the same problem without improvement. Her speech was incoherent.

Characteristic symptom: The upper part of the body from head to epigastrium was very cold and below that it was warm. This PQRS was elicited by the student taking her history. We have just the opposite symptom in Arnica; nevertheless I prescribed 3 doses in the 10M, in view of the polarisation of the temperature distribution - I was with delight and more so the students, to see her respond within 36 hours.