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Case Study

Ooh. Aah. Ouch ...... Some Experiences
Dr Mansoor Mirza
'Nat-c / Aur-m

I cite a few cases and observations during my 3 years of practice hoping that some readers may learn from my experiences as well as throw light on certain aspects which have confounded me in curing joint bone complaints.

Rheumatic arthritis:
The general inference drawn after treating such patients is that constitutional medicine alone can give them the relief/cure that is required.

A 40 year old female c/o severe pain in all the joints with bouts of immobility and swelling of both hands and feet for 10 years. She had tried all types of medication and was referred by a soothsayer to try Homoeopathy. She was in severe pain, evident from weeping and distorted face when she sat down, got up and walked in / out of the OPD. She also c/o retrosternal burning. Anxiety with heaviness of the head. She used to think a lot and brooding too figured in her constitution. Milk gave her indigestion. She had a lot of freckles on the face and hands were extremely fair with pale and flabby constitution. She used to perspire a lot; and craved for sweets.

She was prescribed Nat-carb 1M 2 doses. After 15 days she was 75% better and there was general well being, as evident from her smiling face and painless movements. She was then kept on placebo. But unfortunately the patient did not turn up! I hope she is cured.

Case 2
A 50-year-old lady c/o severe rheumatoid arthritis of 1-year duration, worse in the last 3 months. The pain and disability was so severe that she had been reduced almost to a bedridden state from a very active woman conducting her own business.
I saw her on 10/7/95 
WBC: TC 9200/cmm N-50, E-02, L-40 M-02. ESR 48 mm at the end of 1 hr. RA test -negative
19/8/95 I gave Aurum-met 1M- 4 doses.
18/11/95 pain in joints >3 AMEL heat 
AGG open air. Attends to social commitments.
27/11/95: Aurum-met 10M -2 doses.
After 15 days, there was dramatic and miraculous improvement so much so that she has referred about 20 patients with joint and other complaints to me.

Though this does not fall in "Rheumatology" per se, it is nevertheless related in its location i.e. joints especially the weight bearing knee and hip joints.
Homoeopathic constitutional medicine can do wonders especially if the complaint is of recent origin and one joint is affected predominantly. There is slow progress of the disease and the general vitality of the patient is well maintained. Calc-flour 3X-6X-30 may provide symptomatic relief in certain cases or in few cases with there is dearth of symptoms.

Heel pain
Five cases of heel pain have been under my treatment. I found all of them quite challenging to treat as the initial prescription of local or constitutional remedies would be of no avail. However in-depth study of the problem with repertorial analysis is useful. In this connection I find Calvin Knerr's Repertory is extremely useful, as it gives a beautiful comparison of the remedies for heel pain with their respective sensations and modalities.

As regards investigations for the above disorders; I find it essential only if:
1] The underlying disorder/disease cannot be accurately diagnosed by history, clinical examination and is important therapeutically.
2] For scientific documentation of results which is badly lacking in our profession. However undue stress on investigations is a burden on the patient's finances and time and should be avoided or subsidized by the doctor/pathologist/radiologist, especially in deserving cases of poor.
Physiotherapy and restructuring faulty lifestyles of the patient are important ancillary aids to speed up the cure in most cases.