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Case Study

Jack Of All Trades
Dr Heena Muchhala
'Plat / Plat

Case 1:
A 32 year old female comes with c/o severe body pain especially in neck region, in between scapulae and in the arms since 2-3 years. She also gets vertigo and headache. One week back, she felt depressed because of domestic fights and she attempted suicide by consuming many sedative tablets.

Life Story:
She likes talking to FIL freely, which is disliked by MIL and husband; so then she feels suffocated. "FIL knows about the in-fights that happen at home, and that I am correct but still he can't give judgement in my favour." I have one good male friend in my building. I am close to him. He knows about all problems that I face with my husband and he guides me but by husband does not like it. So I went and told that friend; "Now I want to stop relations between us. I don't want to go any further." Generally people praise me; my nature, my sweet tongue, my sharp features [in reality she has average looks] He also liked these qualities of mine; so he said he wants to continue the friendship. I have so many talents in me which I want to show to people. I want to sing in the orchestra and dance in functions. I would like to prove myself, I want that people should appreciate me. There are many people who are jealous of me. All my desires have been suppressed. In-laws have changed my first name against my wish. I tell my husband to call me by my original name but he says:" You should marry only if you are able to forget your own identity."

My husband is short tempred and does not have a sweet tongue. He gets jealous of me and gets annoyed when others get close to me, get attracted to me and my nature. He likes cracking jokes on sex. I dislike it, so he complains that I avoid talking on sex.

My MIL does not have any good ralations with any of the neighbours, no child or elderly person comes to our house . If someone comes to borrow something they ask for me and do not talk to her, this makes her angry.

All my talents, my gifted abilities were suppressed, I have become jack of all trades and master of none; but if I had been able to develop my talents I would have been at the top of the world. All my siblings were fair looking except me, but later people told me that I have good built, good personality and features.

I am close to my sister's husband, but not so much to my sister. I can discuss freely any matter, even sex, with him. We have a healthy discussion. Whatever sexual problems I face with my husband, I discuss with him. My husband does not like it, but I find my BIL a knowledgeable person. 

No work is impossible for me. What I need is a challenge and I will accomplish that task.

My Observations:
She talks confidently with lots of gesticulations.
She is egoistic and obstinate.

Dreams: 1] Travelling in a foreign country. She frequently dreams this and has travelled many countries in her dreams.
2] Flying in planes
3] Going to higher range of mountains 
4] Going to snowy mountains.

Investigations: X ray of cervical spine shows congenitally conjoined C1 and C2 vertebrae.

Haughty, egotism, delusion http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif proud she is, great person, superiority.
Pompous important
Dreams foreign countries

10/7/97 Platina 1M -1 dose
23/7/97 Cough, pain++, repeated Platina 1M 2nd dose
4/9/97 Feeling much better, feeling easy at home. Pain >>. But pain increased since one week. So repeated the remedy.
26/10/97 No pain for 1 month.
MIL not well . Patient busy taking care of MIL.
27/11/97 Vonfusion less. Can think and plan better.

Case 2:
A 38 year old female comes with c/o joint pains especially knees and finger joints since 3 years. Taking 3 Brufen daily, she also has constant nose block, running coryza and urticaria since past 7 years. Taking tab cetriz and on and off.

I shall give you few important excerpts from the case in the patient's own words: "My burning problem is joint pain and nose block; so you first tackle these problems and then deal with the rest."
She was a divorcee for last 14 years. "My husband and in-laws were troubling me. He was not a proper mathch for me. He was not earning well. We had daily fights" She took divorce and then she was at her parents house in a city of Gujarat. For first few years, I felt ashamed, would not go out, would hesitate to talk to others.
What did you feel that time?
Patient: "same way as a student feels when he fails. Friends go ahead of you and you fail. I was feeling lonely that my friends go out with their husbands, my all sisters were getting married, its human nature, I would also feel bad. Even I wanted to remarry.}
I have a very highly qualified group. Many of them have settled aborad. My relatives are also highly qualified."
2 years back she remarried a widower with one son. "now we are happy, having smooth life. I don't want to disturb it by having another child. My son is good, has accepted me well, he obeys me, does everything that I tell him."

She was asked to tell about her nature "I am having ego in me, obstinate - a little pause - but eveyone has got little of it. I am sensitive, I get outbursts of anger. What dreams do you get?
No scope for any dreams. Nothing like that happens to me. I am religious minded. She is a strict follower.
What do you do when you free?
She answered spontaneously in loud tone "No time; I am always busy."
She was asked to tell more about herself.
"I used to get tense during exams. Everyone gets it."
What tension, what you used to feel?
With anger on her face she said
"I cannot elaborate ....[pause].. Its human tendency. Doctor even you would get tensed up, if you were a surgeon then before operation you would also feel tensed"
Tell me little more about your nature?
Patient again got angry and disturbed. "You are asking me the same question agin, I have answered everything to you. I can't elaborate more. What do you feel when I am asking you same question? Patient gives a contemptuous look, with a grin on her face and answered.

"I feel what is this! A qualitfied person asking me this question again and again. She concludes the case by saying "Doctor, you give me strong medicine no milder acts on me.Treat my pain first." in a very firm and comanding tone.

Anger easily
Anguish from anger
Delusion humility and lowness of others, while he is great.
Contradiction intolerant of
Delusions alone in the world
Offended easily. takes everything in bad part
Religious affections

15/7/97 Platina 1M 1 dose
31/7/97 Repeat
4/9/97 Stopped T Brufen and cetriz but since 2 days noseblock ++ Repeat
3/11/97 Husband came to collect medicine. Husband says patient is sensitive . She feels that people don't give her attention, don't talk to her properly.
>> but little body pain since few days. Repeat