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Case Study

Dr [Mrs] Suneeta S Tripathi
'Calc-carb / Nat-m

Case 2: A Hair Line Fracture
Mr HKD, 40 years, a worker in S T workshop came to me on 28-6-94 with - Pain3 in [R] thigh since 3 years. Pt. gave H/o fall from a running bus 3yr back giving rise to this pain.
X-ray finding showed there was a hair line fracture in the shaft of femur. Since then the pt. is on oral and parenteral pain killers, but all in vain. Pain continues. He was on Tab Voveran 50mg TDS daily.:
AGG sitting2
AGG cold bath2
AGG getting wet2
AGG cold food
AGG sour
AMEL after walking 6-7 steps2
AMEL massage.

Other Complaints:
1. Pain : Knee jt [L] ++ ; [R] ++ ;
AGG agg sitting down,needs support toget up
AMEL > walking after 2.
2. Resp.System : Cold : 4-5 /yr. 
coryza white thick 
Once in 1 or 2 months, lasts 4-5 days. Nose blocked breathing difficult, occ cough.
AGG cold bath
AGG cold drinks

Physical Generals :
Perspiration: + due to heat, no smell or stain
Thermal: chilly takes thick or thin covering, through out the year. 
Bath hot water all year, likes to wear sweater 
Sunagg headache2
Appetite: good 
Craving: salt 2 spicy2
Aversion: to deep fried items
Bowels: 2/day satisfactory
Bladder: N
Sleep: good
Dreams: + occ, unremembered

Family History: MO - Hypertension.
FA expired due to heart attack. 

Life Space: His family consists of wife and 3 sons aged 5, 4 and 1 year. Pt. is youngest of 3 brothers and 3 sisters. All are staying separately. Pt has strained relations with 1 brother and 1 sister since they have taken money from him and are not returning it. Pt. is reserved and does not talk much, but if angry then cuts off relations with the concerned person. At present constantly broods over his strained relations with them. 

Pt has an extra-marital affair with a married woman having 2 children. Pt. has no grudges with his wife or children and yet he could not help having the affair with this woman who happens to be his wife's friend. Pt is also afraid that his family should not know about his affair and constantly broods over what if his wife comes to know about it. 

The constitutional picture was clear i.e. Nat-mur on following grounds:
1. reserved
2. irritable, angry, cuts-off relations
3. brooding
4. misplaced affection i.e. fallen in love with a married woman [wrong person]
5. sun AGG headache
6. Cr. - salt, spicy
7. chronic cold with thick white coryza but since the pains were more intense with characteristic modalities i.e.
AGG rest [sitting]
AGG initial motion [has to get up with support]
AMEL continued motion [better after walking few steps
AGG getting wet
AGG cold bath
chilly patient

Follow Up
28/3/94: Rhus-tox 30 TDS
7/7/94: [R] thigh pain better 80%
Knee jt pain not much better.
ct-all* 5 days
12/7/94 [R] thigh pain almost gone. 
Knee jt. pain much better. The pt. was having cold 3-4 days but since no acute totality was available, placebo was given * 3 days. 

15/7/94: cold still + thick white discharge; still no characteristic as far as cold was concerned. [R] thigh pain and knee jt. pain, although much better, slight uneasiness still present. 
Nat-mur 200 [1] H S placebo [7]

22-7-94: No complaints. Since then pt. visits infrequently for minor ailments like Coryza. Pain never recurred, had it not been for coryza perhaps he would not have required constitutional and only Rhus-tox, the Homoeopathic Voveran, would have been sufficient.