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Case Study

A Close Experience With Mag-mur
Dr Mrs Nilaxi P Gandhi

A tall, young lady of 32 years came to me for eczematous reaction at both the wrists and feet dorsally with oozing and itching increasing in summer and humid weather. She had this since 6-8 months with no particular time reaction for the itching.

Personal History:
Menstruation: scanty and delayed
Desires: noting in particular
Smoking: given up
Thirst: not mu8ch
Stool: suffers from constipation
Sleep: disturbed, thoughts of future ++, dreams less.

Life Situation:
She got married at the age of 29 years to a South African Indian, she herself comes from Anvil Brahmin caste, where "Dowry" in general, is a must. Patient is from a very middle class family.
Mentally she was not ready for marriage. She wanted to say 'no' but her words or voice were taken as consent and before she could do anything to remedy the situation, she found herself married and went to South Africa.
There she found herself part of a big joint family, which was a totally different environment to get adjusted with. She became an introvert. Talking to her husband about the situation was in vain, as he also said "I got married to you because at home people wanted me to get married".
She tried to adjust herself to the family but in vain. She also tried other measures such as joining the business of the family, or sitting at the shop even though she did not like it. She tried to persuade her husband either to settle separately or go back to India but none of these proposals were accepted. During those two year she became angry and irritable which had to be suppressed with feeling of insecurity. Her in-laws finally sent her to India alone. They had quarrels, that almost culminated in divorce.
During the last 6-8 months she has also developed talking to hallucinations of someone or frightening her. She was diagnosed to be a schizophrenic and was put on medications. This entire mental disturbance became less after taking the medicines, but they aggravated before menses.

Lief Space
Patient has a mother and two brothers, one elder and other younger to her. Father expired 4-5 yr. before her marriage. Brother is in the medical profession and he decide to get his sister married for two reasons, one being "dowry" and secondly, he had found a life partner and was only waiting for her to get married. Besides the patient was fat and what ever expressions the patient gave about the bridegroom were taken as positive consent.
Patient explained that there was not much love in bringing up the children in her home and that everyone was in their own world. That she and her brothers were all living as per their own lifestyle. Father never talked much at home, mother used to talk a lot and this hurt the sensitive patient.
Patient felt neglected. Had love been given to her while young, she would have not gone to the extent of smoking at a very young age. Many times she felt neglected I wondered was it because she was a girl? Patient felt the same after marriage. She blames her family members for not caring for her thoroughly nor looking at the marriage proposal properly. At S A also she developed the feeling of being neglected, became insecure, making her quiet, introverted, irritable and lonely.
At present, being from a middle class family, she wants to earn for herself, but people find her too old for a new job or, her expectations are too high. So she is jobless right now, and depressed overall and has been depressed throughout her life. She also did not feel much when her father expired and as not much attached to any of the family members.
What Emerged Was:
-Introvert-lee talkative, a lonely person but, internally an irritable person.
-A depressive, who, to forget her negative feeling tried to search some positive point and resorted to smoking at a very young age.
-Marriage only intensified her insecurity.

Mag-car ruled out since the strong dreams of fright and anxieties were absent. Looking at sensitivity one had to be careful for choosing the potency as well as talking to the patient also and so to start with Mag-mur [200] 1 dose with Kali-sulph[6X] TDS, a good biochemic for itching conditions. After 15 days skin improved, constipation improved, menstruation improved.

Hence Mag-mur 200 III followed later by Mag-mur [1M] in very infrequent doses.
There was positive improvement in her skin condition with the darkness, extension of the lesion had decreased and keratinization of skin also slowly regressed. Skin is gradually coming back to its normal hue.

Patients seems to feel secure after being amongst her family members but still sad and depressed about being jobless trying to compete with the life as she was before.
No other medication required. Mind is balanced and settled, and life seems to be on the road to organization.
This was the first experience I had with Mag-mur at such close quarters and therefore felt like sharing it with all of you.