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Case Study

A Case From Practice
Dr. R Latha Iyer

Mrs Jadhav, 35 yearand a housewife came with these complaints:

Chief Complaint:
1. Spondylolisthesis of L4 over L5. Reduced disc space L4-L5 said X-ray report of Lumbar spine done on 28/5/96
Backache since 4-5 years. [R] sided Sciatica with catch-like pain in hip joint. 
< standing < walking > sitting.
2. [L] knee joint pain increased since 2 mths.
3. Skin peeling of hands and feet; boils on hand and feet.

Physical Generals:
Appetite normal 
Cravings spicy+ 
Aversions sour+
Thirst increased. 
Urine normal
Stool normal.
Thermal Modality chilly
Life Space: Patient is married and stays with husband and 2 sons and 1 daughter. Sons are studying in school. 

Childhood History: Her father died at a very young age. She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She used to feel very lonely as if there is nobody for her. Even today, whenever there are festive occasions, she recalls her father, feels something she is missing- orphan feelings.
Brothers educated her till SSC and married her off.
At in-laws place everything is fine and there is nothing to worry.
She said she is quite contented with everything in life after marriage.
She has joined religious satsang. She has become a Guru now. She was very much attached to her Guru, but now the Guru is no more.
Dreams - Sees her dead Guru who is talking to her. This dream always makes her feel happy.
-Of daily routine.
-Of children.

Remedy Selected: Mag-sulph 200 1 dose given on 24/1/97

Rubrics Selected:
1. Forsaken feeling
2. Contented with herself 
3. Dreams - dead relatives [Synthesis 1442]

18/2/97- Skin eruptions increased- Rubrum 200 1 dose. Pain in jt. > 25% Sl Bd x15 days. App> Sleep>
20/3/97: Pt was showing gradual improvement in chief complaint, so was kept on placebo till 14/6/97.
14/6/97: She had slight pain in back+ Sciatica pain- Mag-sulph 200 1 dose SL bd. x 7 days.
28/6/97 Backache>- Rubrum 200 1 dose.
Skin eruptions> SL BD x 21 days . 
App-normal, sleep normal.
Dream- grandmother comes in marriage and function.
Many thoughts - good and bad.
Dream of dead father.
21/10/97: Mood > -- so Rubrum BDx15 days.
general >
Backache 90%
Sciatica > 90%