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Case Study

The Key To Success
Dr James K J
'Lach / Hyos

Repertorisation is the key to success. I would like to call forth a few cases, which could never have been cured without the wonderful art of Repertorisation. 

This happened at least ten years ago. My wife was seriously ill with Fever and Bronchitis. I treated her with various remedies like bry, Phos, ars-alb, Pyroginum etc. But her condition was deteriorating every day and on the 21st day I lost all hopes and thought of admitting her to hospital. While on the floor up and down, I was thinking what strange, rare and peculiar symptoms I can collect. Only two main symptoms, I could elicit; she was moaning in sleep intermittently and my children used to laugh every time when they heard it. Second was her mental state - if ever I asked how she is, she would reply, If I could die. The case was repertorised using Phatak's Repertoryl

P 237

Moaning in sleep: Aru, Carb-an, Lach, Podo, Stan

P 80

Death, desires: Aur, Caust, Hyds, Kre, Lac-c, Lach, Sepia

Only Aurum and Lachesis came in both the rubrics. Since Lach tallied more to the blood changes and pathology of the case, a single dose, in CM potency was given. Within half an hour she had a lot of sweat and slept for two hours. I was astonished to see that she could cook for us in the kitchen in a couple of days though for the last 21 days she could not even get up form the bed without the help of somebody. Without repertorisation, we could not have reached Lachesis

The chapter on "Dreams" has many times helped me to reach the Similimum. A patient having chest pain, declared as cardiac and asked to undergo angiography, came to me for treatment. He was tall, slim, religious and a social worker [affectionate] On taking his case he said he repeatedly saw blood in his dreams: "Almost all days I see I vomit blood." Page 1439, in synthesis, "Dreams blood": Phos is the only medicine having two grades. Phos in LM potency, TDS for a month completely cured him of his pains. It is now four years he is quite healthy and free from any complaints.

No doubt the first and last chapters of the Repertory are the most important chapters. But I have also found that the chapters on Dreams, Position in sleep, Female Genitalia, perspiration, thirst are also equally important whenever pre-dominating symptoms referable to these chapters are present. Another important chapter is "Appetite" which is seen under stomach. A few important and often repeatedly required rubrics are given below. Familiarize with the following rubrics and you will be paid in gold. [Pg. nos. are from Synthesis]

·         Easy satiety [617]

·         Desire for drinks, but refused, when offered [617]: Bell only

·         Eating increases the hunger [618]: Lyco3 only

·         Appetite returns only while eating [618]: China is the head remedy.

·         Appetite increased during fever [618]: China, Cina, Phos are the main remedies

·         Appetite ravenous, with diarrhoea [619]: Petro is the only remedy in first grade.

·         Appetite ravenous, with dysentery [619]: Nuxvom3

·         Eating increases the hunger: Lyco3

·         Appetite ravenous, with emaciation [619]

·         Appetite ravenous, with marasmus [7=619]

·         Appetite wanting, at the sight of food [620]

·         Appetite wanting, at the smell of food [620]

·         Appetite wanting, with hunger[620]

·         Appetite wanting, after eating a mouthful [620: China is the first grade remedy. I have repeatedly cured this symptom with China, especially if the patient is anemic.

·         Appetite wanting, from sadness [620]: only Platina

·         Appetite wanting, with thirst [620]

·         Aversion to food after eating a little [621]

·         Aversion, smell of food [622]

·         Aversion, food, with hunger [622]

·         Aversion food, until he tastes it, then he is ravenous [622]: Lyco3

·         Aversion milk [622]

·         Aversion sweets [622]

·         Thirst, for large quantities, and often [671]

·         Thirst, for small quantities, and often [672]

·         Thirst, unquenchable, with disgust for drink: Lach

·         Thirst, without desire to drink [672]

·         Thirstless, during heat [672]


In every chapter, one sees important and often required rubrics. One must be familiar with such rubrics. For eg you will see that children put their finger into their throat; this rubric is given under the chapter "Throat" in Synthesis [605] Throat, puts finger, in throat: Bell
For beginners, some of the rubrics are difficult to search out. Example, "Urination, involuntary, during cough. is given in the chapter 'bladder" [813]. Similarly the rubric "Desire for lime, slate, pencil, earth, chalk, clay etc. [626] is given in the chapter "stomach" 

I will quote one more successful case by Dr Sehgal's method, remedy derived using Mind rubrics from Synthesis.
A case worked on Mental Symptoms with minimum information:
Lady admitted in hospital for her first delivery. As the Os uteri was rigid and not dilating, anormal delivery became impossible. 24 hours passed. Drip and all methods were of no use. At last the doctor said: "Tomorrow morning we have to do surgery" at this stage patient's husband came to me for medicine.
"Rigidity of Os" was the only symptom I got. So I asked the man what is his wife talking and how she is feeling in the hospital. To this he replied: "She is always insisting to take her home and she does not want to see the nurse or the doctor." 

First I thought of giving her Gelsemium after verifying the symptom of "Rigidity of Os" from "The accoucher's Emergency Manual" by W A Yingling. But her husband's words restricted me from giving Gels. Because the safest place for a lady to have her delivery is in the hospital and surely it is a very strange, rare and peculiar symptom to talk of going home. Secondly she is not happy with her surroundings, i.e. the hospital, nurse and doctor. So we have to take two rubrics:
a] Delusion, injury, surroundings, by his [Synthesis Pg 63] +
b] Home, desires to go [Synthesis: 116] Only Hyos and Lach.
I took out the Book "Materia Medica of Mind" by Dr HL Chitkara and quickly referred Hyosyamus. On page 322 it is given in bold letters under Hyos: "Delusion, injured, is being, surroundings, by his." 

Hyocyamus 30 was given to administer every 1/2 hourly. After the first dose, she became quiet. Her attending doctor after checking then admitted her to the delivery room. Her mother continued the medicine. After the fifth dose the lady had a normal delivery, the child weighing upto 3.5 kg.