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Case Study

A Case of Magnesium
Dr Parinda S Shah

Repertory is the most valuable tool for a Homoeopath. As our Materia Medica is so vast it would be impossible to keep track of the symptoms without a repertory. Success in finding the correct remedy by repertorization depends upon choosing the right rubrics covering the most characteristic and peculiar symptoms of case. 

Here is a case in point
Mrs SS, 29 yrs of age come on 4/4/97 with the
Chief Complaints :
1] Pain in both the heels since 2 yrs. Pain is severe, stitching, pulsating < standing even for a short time. Pain is constant and often so severe that she starts weeping. She has taken treatment from orthopaedic surgeons and has been diagnosed as - bilateral plantar fasciatis, Tendo-Achilles tendinitis with retrocalcaneal bursitis. Analgesics give temporary relief.
2] Constipation severe, 2-3 times/week.
3] Menses early with menorrhagia; stains fast.

Physical Generals :
Appetite - thirst reduced, moderate
Cravings - meat ++
Perspiration - scanty
Thermal - Hot patient
Sleep - reduced
Dreams - Quarrels, with brother or father.

Life Space and Mind : Divorcee with a 9 yr-old daughter, staying with parents, younger brother and sister in law. Belong to lower middle class. Father alcoholic, used to abuse and beat her. After marriage, she suffered a lot of harassment, because of dowry demands. She returned to her parents house. Her father and brother resent her staying here and quarrel with her for money. She worries about the future and her daughter. She is at present working as a compounder for a very busy G P. She finds it very difficult to work because of her constant pain while standing. She says, "Why do I have to suffer so much? There has been nothing but trouble in my life. Why none of my relatives care for me?" She is also very irritable by nature and beats her daughter when very angry.

I gave her Mag-carb 200 [2] doses on the following rubrics:
SR I 547 Forsaken feeling, beloved by his parents, wife, friends feels of not being.
SR III 339 Dreams-quarrels
SR I 393 Despair with the pains
SR II 255 Food, desires, meat
SR III 569 Menses, staining

25/04/97 No change SL
09/05/97 Pain++ Irritability++ Mag-c 1M 1dose
27/06/97 No improvement Mag-c 1 M 2nd dose
08/08/97 Pain same
She also complained of a new problem in the last 3 to 4 days-sensation of something crawling along the thigh which was driving her crazy. Better by rubbing. Looked it up in Kent's repertory-Extremities, formication, thighs [Kent-1007]
There is no sub rubric -rubbing AMEL, but in Phatak's MM, under Secale-cor is given-insufferable crawling, tingling in face, back, limbs, finger > rubbing.
Mind also fitted. Secale-cor-single rubric-Delusion, room is like the foam of a troubled sea [SR I 344].

There is nothing but troubles and worries in her life.
I gave her Secale-cor 200 2 doses on 08/08/97 
05/09/97 Formication> within a day 
-Sleep > -Pain > 25%. Steady improvement