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Case Study

Don't Repertorise When The Case Is Clear
Dr Gaurang Dave

Mr.R. Bridge, aged 36 years, a labour contractor, had complaint of cement allergy since last 15-16 years.I was treating him for the last 3-4 years. Now, he is better except slight itching whenever he touches cement . 
He was regularly complaining to me about his reduced capacity to perform the sexual act.But patient was important with RX SO, I had neglected this complaint.
On 25th March 1997, he came to me with the following words, "Saheb, abhi aisa chalegaf to meri zindagi pachas sal ke paeheli hi khatam ho jayegi" 

I immediately asked, "What happened?" At that time only reappearance of itching, eruption and skin problem was in my mind and I was anxious. But his reply was that he had lost his sexual power gradually. He had no erection before introduction. "Since how long?" I asked. He replied, "since 8-10 years." This really was a great surprise because during last 4-5 sittings, he never told me anything. Or was that due because of a busy OPD? So now I wemt into detail about how this started. 

The story laid a clear path for me for the selectin of remedy. Story was as follows:- Once he had gone to his worker's place for calling him to work in the village. There he took alcohol and mutton. Under the influence of alcohol, he quarreled with his worker. While quarelling with the worker, his daughter came in between to separate them. The touch of that girl, sexually excited him and finally he raped her and beat the worker. From that time he started getting weakness in performing the sexual act with his wife. 

I asked, "What do you feel after that?" He replied "Dr Saheb everything happened under the influence of alcohol. Since then, he never drinks alcohol in presence of any women and he never looks into the eyes of any girls. Even when he always talks with any girl he looks down [guilty feeling] 

No need of repretorisation and no need for selection of any rubric, analysis and evaluation. It was simply a Staphysagria case. 

Staph 1M BD for 1 week
2/4/97 No change. Saclacfor one week
9/4 Feel improved slightly. Saclac for one week
12/4 Better. No complaint.
[Second drug that came to my mind was Agnus-castus but in that drug there is more complete Impotency. So I tried Staph first.]