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Case Study

Am I A Fool?
Sameer Upadhya.

A 23 year old Muslim gentlemen presented with vertigo, tinnitus and diminished hearing. He had been to an ENT specialist without any relief. Even anti-depressions had failed to help.

The attacks of vertigo came only when stooping for Namaz. He was irritable, aggressive and could not tolerate contradiction. Yet, he was affectionate (3+) but moody. One moment happy and the very next moment sad and weepy. He was also obstinate and violent. He manifested his anger by throwing things and breaking them. Once when his wife asked him to first have his breakfast which was already served and later get dressed for office, he got angry and said- "Why are you telling me that? Do you think I am a fool?" and started beating her. He quarreled and abused at every minor incident at home and even office.

He believed in Khuda (God) but not in Namaz (prayer). He indulged in a lot of anti-religious activities like speaking against religion, commenting and canvassing against religion, instigating others in communal riots, etc. Later, every anti-religious act and violent behaviour led to repentance.

There was great indolence and a general feeling of being unfit for any type of work. He was very sensitive to music. Music caused irritation and made him violent and aggressive. There were also persistent sexual thoughts.

Personal History:

Perspiration- ++
Thirst- for cold water, excessive.
Cravings- Spicy, Chicken and Chocolate
Sleep- normal

Rubrics selected:

  1. (SR I 815) Rage, alternates with quick repentance.
  2. (SR I 820) Rage, followed repentance.
  3. (SR I 822) Rage, violent
  4. (SR I 815) Rage, alternate with affectionate disposition
  5. (SR I 30) Delusion, business unfit for he is
  6. (SR I 829) Want of religious feeling
  7. (SR I 791) Offended easily
  8. (SR I 776) Music aggravates

He was given Anacardium, Lyssin and Merc for about six months without any improvement. His case was reanalyzed and worked out on the above lines. Crocus-sativa 1M two doses were given on 10th Aug 1993. Although there was an aggravation in the vertigo for 6 -7 days, there was an appreciated amount of mental calmness, Placebo was given for one month. He improved slowly. He started attending office. Violence and aggression was markedly reduced. Remains more cheerful.

About 4 months after the first dose, he complained of vertigo again. This time he was given Crocus-s 1M one dose followed by Placebo. He has been practically free from the attacks of vertigo and all other complaints since then.