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Case Study

Asthma A Personal Experience 
Wadia S R.
` Thuj.


B, an Army Major, 38 years of age, was serving in a remote corner of Northern India, location kept secret. I had never seen him, but was treating his brother and family who insisted that I should treat him as his Army Hospital treatment was not helping him, even though when he was hospitalised. My one page questionnaire was sent which he filled up and posted back to me.

The symptoms were as follows:

  1. Sudden and extreme difficulty in breathing every night between 12 and 1.00 a.m., or wheezing which started by evening becoming worse after dinner. The attacks started only after the posting to this very humid climate. Better by sitting up. Running of the nose and sneezing very often. Also complaints of headache with excessive flatulence. Better by passing flatus or stool. Worst by alcohol and heavy food. Eosinophilia 18 percent. When admitted to the hospital, he was discharged with advice to take Asmapax tablets twice a day.
  2. Ineffectual desire for stool. Urine normal.
  3. Past history of Acute Bronchitis - 3 times.
    Pneumonitis once. Loose stools 3 times and bleeding piles.
  4. Vaccinations and inoculations in plenty as he was an army officer.
  5. Family history - Tuberculosis in uncle.
  6. Violent temper if injustice is done to him. Better in company.

Treatment and follow-up:

20-4-74: Thuja 200 (3) followed by Natrum-sulph 6
20-7-74: Feels better. Worse when humidity is more, with lot of flatulence. Natrum-sulph 200 (3), Carbo-veg 30.
20-8-74: Stool better but occasional attacks. Natrum-sulph 1M (3). Carbo-veg 30.
18-10-74: Chest is better, cough is less, no wheezing. Natrum-sulph 10 M (3). Carbo-veg 30.
1-12-74: Very much better. No attacks, ineffectual urge for stool and lot of flatulence. Nux-vom 200 (3), Carbo-veg 30.
3-1-75: Patient is at Bombay, very happy and healthy. No attacks. Only flatulence. China 30.
14-1-75: Bleeding piles, no pain. Still urge for stool. Sulphur 200 (3). Hamamelis-v 30.
18-2-76: Now, the patient was feeling much better in all respects but he was having occasional attacks of cold and wheezing for which Bacillinum 200 (3) as an intercurrent remedy, looking at his past and family history was given.
1-3-76: Better, no complaints, SL. He was transferred and I lost contact with him, but his family stated that he was feeling much better.
24-2-77: Patient is again back to Bombay in absolute good health. No Asthma, no complaints.


Mr. A F 27 years, a journalist by profession

  1. Bronchial Asthma worse since the age of 1 year. It all started when he was 12 days old after some inoculation.
  2. Frequent colds and Asthma, worse change of weather or food. Peas and Urad Dal worse, cause flatulence.
  3. PH-o - Ringworm 1 year back, vaccination + Inoculation 12-14 times in his life time. Itch all over the body and boils on the head.
  4. FH-o - Mother and Maternal grandmother Asthma.
  5. Hot patient.
  6. Sleep sound, but startles in sleep. Dreams of falling.
  7. Very often Asthma alternates with skin eruption.

Treatment and Follow-up:

4-4-75: Thuja 10 M (3) as an antidote to sera and vaccines followed by SL.
15-4-75: Asthma slightly better but skin rough - Sulphur 200 (3) and SL.
30-4-75: Asthma better but itch still there - SL.
11-9-75: Asthma better but itch still there - Sulph 1M (3).
23-4-76: It seems Asthma is worse, itch better alternating symptoms - SL 1 M (3).
23-4-76: Now both are better, occasional wheezing.

If we refer to the rubric on page 764 Kents Repertory asthma alternating with eruption skin. Sulphur is in Italics, also see page 1308, under skin, eruption alternating with asthma, Sulphur has 2 marks.

This was the remedy which finally cured the patient, but it took a long time. The patient is now quite free from asthma as well as eczema.